TPD Women in Law Enforcement Open House

January 12, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
So. AZ Law Enforcement Center
100001 S. Wilmot Rd. Tucson

“Are you a woman interested in becoming a police officer? Don’t miss this great event! Learn about the hiring & training process, get to see and try out our physical fitness assessment and get to have a meet & greet with current sworn members of the department! Please RSVP at”[0]=68.ARBaW0_gDpdXYoY49vfhcDBZuTj9V5fuqk0GvDJf7OK5mm44tbUbNX1sLoACePzKIQxnvMJrbplvOQqWNpc2ZUhQE1a_adwciMaFKqdmY-BTEQTIWSg-BiV7t_gqTSol1EhUp3TT5yOrIdwO4tKfDyKigq1NGfVokC9lsULplrHfISVVWe_WA0GKAwREujQa9sNRt7w_du9de9iqxU96jNZ-xZ86HuzIKQFkZYlGfn_2Is3rLCISmkma6zstJhYs10ZS2fJoT1AFUKaQeJ7S1TeeHXyb9KCEx9GB5oIqoLjzo0C9Hs9i9fBhiJ3RaRc7dS59q9IOOFhmUE7zypaz-lDQzgM

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