Tucson Environmental town hall

“Join us to learn and talk about what is happening in Arizona with our air, water, wildlife, and environment. We will talk about where we are on a state and national level and what to expect for the upcoming 2018 Legislative Session. “

Recess Of Action Arizona and Center for Biological Diversity

Panelists include:

Sen. Andrea Dalessandro (LD 2)
Rep. Kirsten Engel (LD 10)
Laiken Jordahl, Center for Biological Diversity
Lia Ossanna, Students for Sustainability at U of A

Tres English, Sustainable Tucson

Tricia Gerrodette, Friends of the San Pedro river
Jane Conlin, Citizens Climate Lobby


One response to “Tucson Environmental town hall

  1. Carolyn Classen

    Ambitious panel discussions on diverse, enviromental topics moderated by Dinah Bear, Humane Borders atty. 1st panel of Jane Conlin, Tres English, KirstenEngel were to address question of Pres. Donald Trump’s pulling out of Paris Climate Agreement. All stressed need to continue to lobby for local climate action. Questions from audience were about Environment Day at AZ Legislature (Feb. 7, 2018), hosted by Sierra Club; what was CCL doing to get federal & state endorsements/resolutions; equality for poor utility customers; is net metering sustainable; how address corruption re: nuclear power/free market choices. 2nd panel Tricia Gerrodette, Laikan Jordahl, Andrea Dalessandro, Lia Ossana were asked 2 questions about cutting EPA programs by 1/3 by current Administration & how address militarization/env. impacts of the Border Wall to Mexico. All thought the border wall was not needed, better env. & economic protections should be in place. Questions were about partial wall having impact on fish in the San Pedro river; how get diverse minority populations involved; Environmental Justice Task Force speaker on Nov. 4; Monsanto spraying in NW, Rosemont Mine use to water; mine tailings dumped into water; what/where are brown fields; no CCL booklets provided by EPA; how to be self sufficient(off the grid); how to get AZ legislature to address env. issues in future. All the 7 panelists gave a brief wrap up as well encouraging citizen democracy/participation, continuing lobbying efforts, walking the talk, attending forums, Envivison Tucson Sustainable festival on Nov. 12, Env. Day at legislature next year.

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