Tucson March Against White Supremacy & Racism

“Join Tucsonans of every color and creed as we rally and march against racism and hate. We will meet at Hotel Congress at 4:30pm tomorrow, August 13th, then at 5:00 we will march to the Islamic Center of Tucson, the African American Student Affairs Center, and the Hillel Foundation to express our love and support for our wonderful, diverse community (route map is below). We will march back to Hotel Congress and meet by 6:00pm on the patio stage for a rally, and words of encouragement from non-elected community leaders.”


2 responses to “Tucson March Against White Supremacy & Racism

  1. I don’t see where they will be stopping at a Christian church. Hmm.

  2. Info from CD 2 Candidate Billy Kovacs, one of the organizers:

    Things to bring:
    Water, signs, candle, walking shoes, positive attitude, and passion for your community.
    Route Information:
    Tucson Police Department will be walking with us to ensure our safety as we march. They are members of our community so please treat them with respect and they will show you the same.
    Route Timeline:
    4:30pm Meet at Hotel Congress 311 E. Congress Street
    5:00pm Leave Hotel Congress and proceed North on 4th avenue
    (Please stay ON THE SIDEWALK! We are not blocking traffic)
    5:10pm Pass the Rainbow Sidewalk – 4th Avenue & 6th Street
    5:20pm Islamic Center of Tucson – 901 E. 1st Street
    5:25pm The Hillel Foundation – 1245 E 2nd St.
    5:30pm African American Student Affairs Center – 1322 E 1st St.
    5:40pm Walk back to Hotel Congress – 311 E Congress St.
    6:00pm – 7:00pm Community remarks & Moment of Silence on The Hotel Congress Patio
    7:00-8pm Get to know your community.”

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