Tucson SURJ (Standing Up for Racial Justice) Open Meeting

Tucson SURJ Open Meeting
Wednesday March 22nd @ 6 pm
St. Andrews Episcopal Church (545 S. 5th Ave.)
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“In December the Tucson City Council agreed to send a tax increase to the voters in a special election this May 16th with mail-in ballots. If approved, sales tax in Tucson would increase a half of a cent for the next 5 years. 40% of the funding, if approved, would go toward fixing up Tucson’s roads — you’ve probably heard a lot about that.  But Tucson SURJ is concerned about the 60% that allocates funds to the “Public Safety Improvement Fund”, half of that going directly to boost the Tucson Police Department. Increasing the budget and role of the police in our community has a direct and negative impact on vulnerable and marginalized people. And funding the police through a sales tax further burdens poor and working people, who are already experiencing biased and unfair economic pressures.

We are committed to continuing our work to divest from police through organizing against Prop 101 this May, as well as continuing our Divesting from Police and Better Bystander trainings. If you are interested in bringing either training to your community or workplace, please emailleahjocarnine@gmail.com and we can

Or consider hosting a house meeting! Personal, informal gatherings of your friends are a great way to have the important, and sometimes difficult conversations we need to be having about racism, privilege, and the white supremacy that is all around us. Tucson SURJ has set a goal of having 100 people attend house gatherings in the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency. Can you commit to hosting a gathering by April 29th? Use this short form to share your interest and we’ll be in touch with you.”

In solidarity,
Tucson SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice)

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