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by Carolyn Classen, blogger

Saturday, Dec. 3
10 am
Ward VI office
Snacks, plastic recycling info, Holiday goodies, various Byfusion products on display and available for purchase.
Help build a tree of byfusion blocks (after the holidays, the blocks of the tree will be used to build a planter in front of Ward VI.)
“We’ll have holiday snacks and maybe some other surprises for you, but the real focus of the event will be our building a holiday tree out of ByBlocks that morning. You’ll be welcome to take part. In the process, you’ll see just how easy it is to use this product for your own projects.
The tree will of course be made from the non-recyclable plastics that you’ve been bringing to the ward office. I’m sure we’ll also toss in some of the ocean debris that ByFusion has received through their connections with Global Voyage and other non-profits that are out cleaning the eastern Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch. This image shows how the currents are driving plastic pollutants to both an eastern and a western area. Hundreds of tons of debris are being dredged from both sites.
The tree is roughly 7’ high and 7.5’ in diameter. The trunk is hollow so you can run lights up through the tree. And yes, the lights can be stapled or screwed into the blocks. If you’d like one for your holiday décor you can order a kit through ByFusion. The kit comes with all the hardware you’ll need, plus assembly instructions. The cost is $3,495. It ships via freight on a single pallet. Let us know if you’re interested, but whether you are or not, please come on the 3rd to celebrate the great work you’ve done getting the project this far along so quickly. Each tree diverts about 1,800 pounds of plastic waste from the landfill.
ByFusion will be on-site to assist with ‘planting’ our tree – and they’ll have other holiday goodies such as planters and end tables that you can buy from their online store – or at our event as long as they last.
Most of you have heard of Transformers. The kids’ toy that changes from one form into another. After the holidays we’ll be ‘transforming’ our holiday tree into a raised planter – also to be located in front of the ward 6 office. I’m working with city staff right now on choosing some native, low-water plants to fill it with. Doing so will show the versatility of the product. What will not happen is we will not be tossing the ‘tree’ into the landfill.
A group of us met last week to talk about what the next step for this program might look like. It was great to see Kevin Dahl on the call – finally on the upswing from his recent health challenges. We all addressed items such as where drop-off sites will be located, who pays the cost for moving the plastic, where are we moving it to, where will the Blocker machine be located, and who manages that part of the operation. There are costs involved – and the environmental savings are immeasurable. We don’t know yet what the Tucson program will ultimately look like, but we have some examples of what might be included. In L.A. they’ve got a program that’s pretty well established in which people can buy their plastic diversion bags directly from ByFusion. They come on a regularly scheduled rotation, and each has a barcode. That will allow you to track your ‘donation’ all the way to a job site. This is one of their labels. I understand that some of you have already signed up to do the same with the Tucson product.
We’re still handing out clear plastic bags at the ward office along with the informational flyers. And you’re of course welcome to use your own.” (from Steve K’s e-newsletter)

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