Whose Live Anyway hosted by Comedy 4 Charity


“Comedy for Charity is proud to announce it is co-promoting and co-producing the hilarious Whose Live Anyway with The Fox Theatre on November 1st. Back by popular demand, this show sold out in 2016, so get your tickets early! For 90 minutes, these hilarious performers will use the games and unexpected comedy that comes from the live version of the TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway? For more info, please see our website:www.comedyforcharity.org/whose-live-anyway/”

Hosted by Not Burnt Out Just Unscrewed andComedy4Charity


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  1. Carolyn Classen

    More violence this week in Pittsburgh, PA with the recent mass shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue. Founder of Comedy for Charity Suzie Agrillo founded her group after the murder due to an unsolved mugging of her sister in Chicago in 1980. Please support her efforts and co-sponsor Unscrewed Theater this Thursday at the Fox Theater downtown.

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