Women’s March to Ban the Bomb

Program:  Hosted by Physicians for Social Responsibility, Arizona Chapter
Tucson Raging Grannies sing to encourage the treaty and peace.
Culture of Peace Alliance & Veterans For Peace – the Golden Rule Peace Ship
Russell Lowes – “The Interconnection Between Nuclear Plants and Bombs”
Dr. Rick Graap – “Command Uncontrolled: How Nuclear War Could Start By Accident And How To Prevent It”

Sponsored by:
Tucson Branch of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Culture of Peace Alliance, Veterans for Peace, Physicians for Social Responsibility,
The Nuclear Resister


One response to “Women’s March to Ban the Bomb

  1. Carolyn Classen

    Tonight’s program was coordinated by MC Mary DeCamp, with various peace songs by the Raging Grannies. Over 60 people in attendance. First Dr. Rick Graap spoke about how nuclear war can start by accident, citing that “human error is infinite”. He mentioned five “close calls” in world history from 1960 to 1995 when one person prevented a nuclear disaster. Then he gave a hopeful message that the U.N. is considering a treaty to neutralize nuclear weapons, within 2 weeks. Then 3 speakers talked on the Golden Rule project hosted by Veterans for Peace in San Francisco, which has rehabilitated a 30 foot ketch to sail around the area, educating people at ports of call about nonviolence and peace. Hassan talked about the Tucson Non Violence Legacy Project/Kingian philosophy, followed by UA incoming freshman Dominic Hall, who will be sailing on the Golden Rule this week. Finally Russell Lowes spoke on “the connection between nuclear bombs and nuclear plants”, saying that 30% chance that Tucson will be affected should there be a nuclear meltdown at the Palo Verde plant 35 miles outside of Phoenix. He spoke of the US “war (not just defense) budget” of 1.2 T for direct/indirect costs, also saying that if 1000 nuclear plants were built, the cost would be $9 T or $3600 per person in U.S. 700 M tons of CO2 will be emitted from a small nuclear war. India, Pakistan, N. Korea have military nuclear means from commercial reactors. Russell sees hope against nuclear buildup from vigilance of groups such as Sierra Club, PSR, WILPF. Raging Grannies finished up the evening with songs about ending war.

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