Frank Antenori: Gone but not going away quietly

By Craig McDermott, cross-posted from Random Musings


Frank Antenori, former legislator and late of an unsuccessful attempt to block the state from restoring Medicaid (AHCCCS) eligibility to the levels approved by voters years ago, has been known as a loud-mouthed bully.

Whether it has been threatening the Pima County Board of Supervisors into appointing him to the state senate, pledging to completely shun another legislator, a fellow Republican no less, for the "crime" of defeating a close friend of his, comparing the election of Barack Obama as President to the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq, or one of his many other examples of "shooting from the lip", his rhetorical style has always been more "loud and angry" than "civil and fact-based".

Even though he failed in his 2012 for reelection to the State Senate, losing to a Democrat who conducts himself much more civilly and professionally, Antenori still spouts off regularly.

Early Christmas Eve morning (shortly after midnight), he tweeted about the Affordable Care Act, aka – "Obamacare".


I noticed the tweet a few minutes after he posted it, and thought it was an implied threat against the President.  I asked Antenori to clarify his tweet.

When I looked at the tweet after a full night's sleep, I realized that it either wasn't a threat or it was a *very* subtle one.

And while many words can be used to describe Antenori, "subtle" is not on the list.

Witness Antenori's replies to my request for clarification (posted around 3 p.m. on Christmas Eve):



To be fair to Antenori, he's consistent.  I don't think his anger would be reduced if someone other than Barack Obama was president. 

I'm sure that he would be just as pissed off if Hillary Clinton has won in 2008 instead of Obama.


Hope Santa brought Antenori some civility for Christmas…

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  1. I was hoping you were going to tell us Frank really WAS going away. Far away.