GOP solution to CPS scandal: Help abused children in AZ by undermining the education and health of all children in AZ


By Craig McDermott, cross-posted from Random Musings


In the classic novel 1984, George Orwell coined a term, "doublethink", meaning the acceptance of two contradictory ideas at the same time.

It seems that the GOPer caucus of the lege has made doublethink a linchpin of their ideological platform tactical planning.

From Howard Fischer of Capitol Media Services, via the Arizona Daily Star

A veteran state lawmaker wants voters to siphon cash away from a program for early-childhood development and redirect it to help fund services for foster children and the families that care for them.

Rep. John Kavanagh, R-Fountain Hills, said it’s clear that additional money is needed to ensure laws against child abuse and neglect are being enforced.

Child Protective Services has been running a backlog of 10,000 cases listed as inactive, meaning there has been no action on them in at least two months. And that is on top of the more than 6,500 complaints that were recently discovered to have been entirely ignored and now are finally being investigated.

All that, Kavanagh said, will have to come from general tax revenues.

But he said there is other money potentially available for foster-care families: revenues from an 80-cent-a-pack tax on cigarettes that voters approved in 2006. He said some of the funds from First Things First, which now finance everything from pre-kindergarten programs to subsidized child care, might be better spent on families with more immediate needs.

First Things First is an early childhood health and education project implemented by the voters in 2006 when it became obvious that the Arizona Legislature, as a group, is more intent on sacrificing Arizona's children on the altar of GOP ideology/corporate greed than it doing its job – working for the benefit of all of Arizona.

First Things First, being created by a ballot question approved by the state's voters, is subject to the Voter Protection clause of the Arizona Constitution and can only be changed or ended by another ballot question.

The Republicans in the legislature have been attacking First Things First since its inception.  In 2010, they put a question on the ballot to end it and grab the money for its own purposes.

That question failed miserably, even in what turned out to be a massive R wave year.

Apparently, this year they're going to try the "We're going to help the children by hurting the children.  It's for the kids.  Trust us.  Really, just trust us" gambit.


Truly, if the majority in the lege has its way, those children in Arizona who are fortunate enough to reach adulthood (or, at least, old enough to be tried as adults), will make fine fodder for the ever-well -funded private prison industry.

I wonder what motivate$ their anti-children and pro-pri$on policie$?  Hmmm



  1. We got in quite a heated discussion over this topic in a post I wrote Friday. Rep. John Kavanagh, who is pushing the bill, Joined the discussion with what may be a record-for-a-Republican-legislator 8 comments. It’s interesting to see how he defended what he’s doing. I give him credit for answering questions directly and for admitting to a few not-quite-Tea-Party ideas. He handled himself well and gave us progressives a chance to talk with him directly. But in the end, he wants to rob Peter’s children to pay for Paul’s children, and given the history of Republicans going after First Things First, his agenda is suspect, to say the least.

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