Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

The Arizona Republic's Linda Valdez recently opined, Find a primary challenger for Fred DuVal:


The nicest thing Democrats could do for their gubernatorial candidate Fred DuVal is find a primary challenger for him.

It’s the best way for him to get some media time and attention between now and the primary.

The multi-faceted circus on the GOP side will eclipse DuVal unless he, too, has opposition to play against.

A challenger is the ticket to debates, where DuVal can showcase his intelligence, charisma and understanding of the issues.

A challenger will result in news coverage as the two duke it out over issues. It’s not news when somebody releases a policy paper. It is news when candidates mix it up.

A challenger will provide the kind of name repetition the GOP candidates gain every time one of the goofier wanna-bes says something outrageous.

* * *

So Democrats, do yourselves and Fred a favor.

Find a primary opponent who will keep your candidate from disappearing during primary season.

Linda Valdez is admitting to the fact that the GOP-friendly Arizona political media will focus all of its attention on the GOP clown car primary for governor, and Democrat Fred DuVal will largely be ignored. Entertainment sells. By the time the GOP clown car primary for governor is over, everyone will know the name of the winner, but many Arizona voters will still be asking "Fred who?" Not for lack of effort by Fred DuVal, but because this is the way our feckless GOP-friendly political media operates in Arizona.

Listen to Linda, Fred. She is giving you a sound media strategy to attract attention and to build name ID with voters.

Lucky for you, Fred, there is another Democrat who filed to run for governor, despite being ignored by the lazy media. According to the Secretary of State's web site, Ronald Martin Cavanaugh filed to run over a year ago. He has not filed any financial reports since then, but his status is still listed as "active." He is maintaining a campaign web site, Ron Cavanaugh for Governor. He is a retired truck driver and USMC veteran from Springerville who was a Libertarian candidate for governor in 2010.

Is Mr. Cavanaugh a serious candidate? Does it matter? Have you seen the GOP clown car primary for governor where every time Cap'n Al Melvin says something ignorant and offensive the GOP-friendly Arizona political media dutifully reports what he said? Do you see how this works?

Listen to Linda, Fred. I get your press releases. How many times have you seen the GOP-friendly Arizona political media incorporate your comments into their reporting? That's what I thought. Neither have I.

Make Mr. Cavanaugh an offer to tour with you around the state of Arizona to hold debates in which the local yokel media are the panelists who get to ask the questions. If they are active participants they will report on your debate in the local newspaper or tee-vee evening news. It's a chance for people to hear your positions before September, and to build your name ID around the state.

If Mr. Kavanaugh is not amenable, find someone else to file. Get a goddamn strawman candidate if you have to. But listen to Linda, Fred. She is telling you what you need to do to get the feckless GOP-friendly political media in Arizona to pay any attention to your campaign. It's the difference between winning and losing.