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Robert Robb agrees: vote no on Prop. 126

According to our blog stats, the most searched and shared post during this election has been my post No on Prop. 126, the false and purposefully misleading Protect Arizona Taxpayers Act. Because there is no organized opposition to Prop. 126 spending money on television ads, I am guessing that individuals and organizations have linked to this post as a grassroots No on Prop. 126 campaign. Somebody had to do it.

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The Arizona Republic‘s Robert Robb, the former flak for the “Kochtopus” Death Star, the Goldwater Institute, and the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has added his voice in opposition to Prop. 126, albeit to promote his Libertarian hobby horse of a consumption tax, which is bad tax policy.

While we approach this from different perspectives, we both conclude that Prop. 126 is bad public policy that will have dire consequences for the fiscal health of Arizona, and we urge voters to vote no on Prop. 126.

Robb writes Prop. 126 cuts short a necessary discussion about Arizona tax reform:

Proposition 126 is intended to shut the door on an important discussion before it has a chance to get started. And it may have even more devastating consequences than that.

Bankrolled by the realtors, Prop. 126 would amend the state Constitution to prohibit the imposition of a sales tax on services.

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