We Cannot Let Terrorism Stop Our Work As Democrats


The Maricopa County Democratic Party (MCDP) Headquarters in Phoenix caught fire around 1:00 a.m. Friday morning, according to Steven Slugocki, Chair. The Phoenix Fire Investigation Task Force and ATF have officially labeled this an arson investigation.

“Our team is still in shock. Knowing that this fire was set deliberately is disturbing news, but I am relieved that no one was injured,” Slugocki says.

“I have been inside the office and it is unrecognizable. While the rest of the building has some water and smoke damage, the entire contents of our side of the building is a total loss. In addition to office furniture and supplies, all of the technology within the office including laptops, tablets, monitors, and other technology have been destroyed.”

We cannot let terrorism stop our work as Democrats.

Now is the time for all good Democrats to support our brothers and sisters in Maricopa County. Please make a donation at www.MaricopaDems.org/RecoveryFund. I did, and I heartily encourage you to do so too.



President, Democrats of Greater Tucson


  1. Some Trump supporters sneaking around in the dark of night burn the AZDem offices because they can’t win the battle of ideas.

    And they did it in an area covered in cameras, because they’re super smart.

  2. Arson is bad, very bad. Don’t commit arson. Stop arson if you can. Tell others not to commit arson. #ArsonIsVeryVeryBad

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