Our forward-looking Republicans

by David Safier

Among the budget casualties is the 21st Century Fund that provides grants to get bioscience and technology ventures up and running. It's Napolitano's baby. Need I say more about the reason it was cut?

In the passage below, don't miss the reason the neanderthals give for wiping out the fund. These folks don't even lie well.

The budget deal claimed several casualties, most notably the 21st Century Fund, a three-year-old state program that provides grants to boost bioscience and technology. Lawmakers wiped out the program's $22.5 million budget, in a move orchestrated by Rep. Sam Crump, R-Anthem, and four freshman Republicans. They insisted the state should not be favoring one industry over another, and pushed to gut the program, a pet project of former Gov. Janet Napolitano and some business leaders. [emphasis mine]

5 responses to “Our forward-looking Republicans

  1. Thane,

    I will buy what you are saying only if you confess to being a libertarian and not a republican. The GOP has fed at the public trough and has done so while collecting fewer taxes to balance the budget. They choose one road builder over another, one prison construction firm over another, one privatize prison company over another, one bomb builder over another, one illegal immigrant wall builder over another, and they wont even pay for it!!!!!

  2. Duke,
    I think the objection was that the republicans were lying about why they were cutting it. This seems to fit the general pattern of lies regarding why they are cutting things and even the necessity of cutting.

  3. I guess you guys are in favor of funding “advanced mining techniques” and giving money to Freeport McMoran instead of giving wheelchairs and oxygen to elderly arizonan’s.

    Killing the 21st century fund. Which essentially was a “gift” to Science Foundation Arizona which laundered the money from the taxpayers only give it to special interests around the state.

    When you’re complainging about cuts to K-12 and to healthcare for the poor, how can you justify giving money away to private entities to help them do research to improve their bottom line.

    You guys can’t have it both ways.

  4. The 21st Century fund subsidized research and promoted economic growth. If the legislature was truly being honest, they would have said, “we hate this project because it was a Janet Napolitano project”.

    If they really feel that government shouldn’t be promoting on business over another, they would not offer tax breaks for businesses and certain corporations. They have given several pet companies special tax breaks and incentives to come to Arizona.

  5. What is the complaint about the offered reasoning? Some Republicans believe that government shouldn’t be engaging in subsidizing some businesses when other businesses never get any. All libertarians believe that business subsidies are an unfair, illogical and immoral practice.