A Day After Biden Joined the UAW Picket Line, the President’s Campaign Releases an Ad Attacking Trump’s Labor Record

A day after showing solidarity with striking United Auto Workers in Michigan, the Biden/Harris Campaign released an ad, titled “Delivers” which attacked Donald Trump’s Labor Record when he occupied the Oval Office. The ad, which comes on the day the now found liable for business fraud Ex-President is appearing before autoworkers rather than face the … Read more

The Biden/Harris Administration Launches The American Climate Corps

Following the tradition of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Civilian Conservation Corps, John F. Kennedy’s Peace Corps, and Bill Clinton’s Americorp, the Biden/Harris Administration, through Executive Action, launched the creation of the American Climate Corps On Wednesday, September 20, 2023. Originally a provision of the Inflation Reduction Act that was pulled during negotiations, this Corps, when fully … Read more

CD 3 Candidate and Phoenix Vice Mayor Yassamin Ansari on Combatting Climate Change

Phoenix Vice Mayor and Arizona Congressional District (CD) One Candidate Yassamin Ansari has been a leading champion for combatting climate change and promoting clean sustainable energy policies during and before joining the Phoenix City Council as that bodies youngest woman member in 2021. Often partnering with Mayor Kate Gallego, the Vice Mayor has led on … Read more

Jim Messina is Right: Democrats Need to Stop “Bedwetting” Over One Poll 14 Months Before the Presidential Election

This has happened before. Democrats were pessimistic about Bill Clinton’s reelection prospects after the 1994 midterms. He left office in 2001 more popular, thanks to his economic policies (budget surpluses, record employment, the CHIPS Act for Child Healthcare) and opposition to Republican ones than when he was first elected, even after getting impeached on flimsy … Read more

(UPDATED) Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego Helps Launch Water Leak-Detection Pilot Program to Further City Conservation Efforts

Since becoming Mayor of the Fifth Largest City of the Country in 2019, Mayor Kate Gallego and other members of the Phoenix City Council have been constant leaders in addressing water security and conservation efforts. Among some of the measures the Mayor and the City Council have pushed are: Today, the Mayor, along with representatives … Read more