Corporation Commission Candidate Joshua Polacheck will Advance Arizona’s Clean Energy Future

A former Foreign Service Officer who has served in several of the world’s global hot spots like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Lebanon, Joshua Polacheck has set his sights on becoming a member of the Arizona Corporation Commission. His worldview is shaped in part by his experiences in seeing Jamaica work to shift to a clean-renewable … Read more

Kennedy, Aguilar, and Polacheck React to the Corporation Commission Repealing Renewable Energy Standards

The Arizona Corporation Commission voted last week (in a 4 to 1 margin with one Democrat, Commissioner Anna Tovar, voting against) to have its staff start drafting a repeal of renewable standards in place since 2006. Suffice it to say, former Corporation Commissioner Sandra Kennedy and Commission Candidates Ylenia Aguilar and Joshua Polacheck think this … Read more

Mayor Kate Gallego and Phoenix City Council Advance Water Security by Approving the Renovation and Reopening of a Cave Creek Water Reclamation Plant

On February 7, 2024, the Phoenix City Council unanimously approved a plan to reopen a water reclamation plant in Cave Creek that had been shut down in 2009. Upon reopening in 2026, this renovated plant, according to a press release by the City of Phoenix Water Services: ” … marks a significant step forward in … Read more

On Arizona Statehood Day, Senate Democratic Leader Mitzi Epstein Gives a State of the Session Update Calling for More Bipartisan Collaboration

On the 112th anniversary of Arizona becoming a state, State Senate Democratic Leader Mitzi Epstein gave an update on the current 2024 legislative session. In her comments, Senator Epstein started off by saying: “Our caucus is very grateful to be doing the work to represent the people of the state we all love.” She then … Read more

Gallego and Ansari, along with Community Partners, Expand the Green Economy with the Grand Opening of a Circular Plastics Micro Factory

In another move designed to promote a green economy, add green collar jobs to Arizona’s workforce, and further the Phoenix Climate Action Plan Goal of reaching zero waste by 2050, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego, District Seven Councilwoman (and Congressional Candidate) Yassamin Ansari, along with representatives from ASU, Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona, and Hustle … Read more