Phoenix Councilwoman and Congressional District Three House Candidate Yassamin Ansari Unveils Her Federal Housing Plan

Today (February 19, 2024,) Phoenix Councilwoman, former Vice Mayor, and Congressional District (CD) House Candidate Yassamin Ansari released her plan to help provide federally driven affordable housing assistance and reduce homelessness in the fifth-largest city in the country. Known for her stellar work on promoting and advancing clean energy sustainability in the Phoenix Metro Area, … Read more

From NAACP to NSFW: A Wild Ride Through An Identity Crisis

The world’s favorite racial chameleon, Nkechi Amare Diallo, better known to the public as Rachel Dolezal—yes, that Rachel Dolezal—is back on the radar. This time, our protagonist finds herself booted from her role as a part-time after-school instructor and contract substitute with Catalina Foothills School District, located north of Tucson in Pima County, a position … Read more

Biden/Harris Campaign, Engel, and O’Callaghan React to the Democratic Special Election Congressional Victory in New York

New York Congressional District (CD) Three is one of 18 battleground districts that Joe Biden won in 2020 that a Republican House Candidate prevailed in during the 2022 Midterms. With the victory of Democrat Tom Suozzi in a special election last night (February 13, 2024) to replace the disgraced and criminally imperiled MAGA stalwart George … Read more

Are Democrats Going Run to the Right of MAGA on Immigration Now?

President Joe Biden seems to have decided that the best way to position Democrats on immigration is to go on offense and run to the right of MAGA. Being on offense? I approve. Trying to flank MAGA and Trump on to the right? I doubt it will work. The Senate bipartisan compromise bill’s (analysis of … Read more

MAGA Republicans, By Abandoning Their Own Border Deal, Prove Again They Are Not For the American People and Law and Order

We have played a variation of this song before. In 2009/10, the Democrats, in order to get a bipartisan health care plan through Congress, largely adopted the provisions of the Massachusetts Romneycare (as in Governor, now Utah Senator Mitt Romney) for a national model. Republicans opposed it anyway and have never come up with a … Read more