Prop 413 would give huge salary increases to Tucson Mayor & Councilmembers

Prop. 413 on the General Election City of Tucson ballot would increase salaries of the Mayor & Council members. Here’s info from City of Tucson: https://www.tucsonaz.gov/Government/Proposition-413 “If approved by voters, Proposition 413 would adjust the annual current salary of the Mayor and the Council Members, effective Dec. 4, 2023: • The Mayor’s current salary of … Read more

(UPDATED) Fed Up with Jake “Troll Farm-Fake Elector” Hoffman’s Obstruction, Governor Katie Hobbs will Go A Different Route in Installing Her Choices as Agency Heads

Ever since Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs took office last January, MAGA Republicans in the State Senate, spearheaded by MAGA Posterboard Jake “Troll Farm-Fake Elector” Hoffman have sought to obstruct the State’s Executive Branch by snail-walking her nominees to head state agencies such as the Department of Child Safety, Health Care Cost Containment System, and Environmental … Read more

Government Shutdown Countdown: Are Your Boots Safe?

We are teetering on the edge of a MAGA shutdown that threatens devastating consequences for communities nationwide. Meanwhile, the adorable little Republicans are once again locked into a cult-driven, rage-filled mission of political maneuvering and bloodlust. It’s sheer madness. “I don’t think there’s enough time to work out a deal,” said former Congressman Ron Barber … Read more

The Biden/Harris Administration Launches The American Climate Corps

Following the tradition of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Civilian Conservation Corps, John F. Kennedy’s Peace Corps, and Bill Clinton’s Americorp, the Biden/Harris Administration, through Executive Action, launched the creation of the American Climate Corps On Wednesday, September 20, 2023. Originally a provision of the Inflation Reduction Act that was pulled during negotiations, this Corps, when fully … Read more

Dr. Laura Metcalfe to Bring Accountability and Innovation to Maricopa Superintendent of Schools Office

The Maricopa County School Superintendent race in 2024 may be a contest between one candidate (the current Republican incumbent, Steve Watson) who has been accused by the Republican dominant Board of Supervisors of financial mismanagement with regard to the funding of schools under his supervision and Dr. Laura Metcalfe, a 27-year educator and former County … Read more