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Giving Tuesday… er… Week?: BlogForArizona Giving as Good as We Get?

Michael Bryan

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Tik Tok Burger is NOT the US Economy

Larry Bodine

There is an overexposed Tik Tok video from December 12, 2022, about a McDonald’s Smoky BLT Double Quarter Pounder Hamburger with Cheese meal with large french fries and a drink. The chump who bought it paid $16, and it’s being offered as an illustration of why Americans are unhappy with the economy. First of all, … Read more

Fitz: Your Holiday Gift List for Trumpers

David Fitzsimmons

Crossposted with permission from the wholly excellent David Fitzsimmons’ Substack! You should get a paid subscription if you haven’t done that yet! -Editor Mike Bryan 20 Christmas gift ideas for the Trumper in your family:

The Real Juan Ciscomani is Simply CiscoMAGA: Anti-Abortion Absolutist.

Michael Bryan

You need to know who Juan Ciscomani REALLY is: Many independent Arizona voters here in Southern Arizona voted in good faith for a moderate Republican in 2022. That’s not what they got. They got a religious fanatic intent on forcing his religious views onto the women of Arizona and America. That is not what the … Read more

Rep. Eli Crane Praises Sen. Tubervilles’ Destruction of our Military Readiness

Michael Bryan

I’m consistently unimpressed by the performance of Arizona’s newest United States Representative, Eli Crane. The man was a special forces operator, so I have tried hard to see any benefit from his direct combat experience being brought to bear on his work, but I consistently fail to see it. Instead, I find nothing but anti-vax … Read more

Help Holiday House collection drive at Emerge Center Against Domestic Abuse

Carolyn Classen

“As we approach the holiday season, we invite you to help bring comfort and joy to survivors of domestic abuse and their children by supporting Holiday House. By contributing new, unwrapped items from our Holiday House Wish List, you play a crucial role in bringing the warmth of the season to every survivor’s heart. Your … Read more

(UPDATED) Donald ‘I Killed Roe V Wade’ also wants to Take Away Health Insurance from Millions of Americans’ How About That

David Gordon

Talk about De Ja Vu. Like a broken record or an Alt-Right Energizer Bunny, Donald Trump keeps going and going in wanting to repeal and replace The Affordable Care Act/Obamacare. As recently as today (November 29, 2023,) the former White House occupant who brought the nation the death of Roe v Wade, the mishandling of … Read more
DJT sells snake oil

Health Care Horror Show: The ACA Nightmare Redux

Kim M. Bayne

Just when we thought the health care horror show was over, the presumptive Republican nominee is boasting a sequel worse than the original. On the 2024 campaign trail, the Polyester Cockwomble promises a real nightmare: he’ll destroy the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and, with it, the health care of over 40 million Americans. Because nothing … Read more

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