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The Inspiring and Vital Dobbs Dissent by Justice Sotomayor in a Podcast For Easy Listening

I read the Dobbs decision, overturning Roe and Casey, suffused with dread and punctuated with periodic fits of anguish and disbelieving wrath at this unprecedented violation of American women's human rights by our highest Court. It left me discouraged and angry and bewildered with the question of what's next - which I addressed in a prior post. The dissent in Dobbs by Justice Sotomayor clarified my criticisms of the decision and gave me inspiration and determination for the long fight

Political Calendar: Week of July 3, 2022

Send notices of your events to Editor's Note: Due to the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and CDC recommendations for social distancing, many events are still being held virtually online. We are doing our best to update the calendar, but you should check with event organizers prior to attending any event to confirm the status.  Political Calendar for the Week of July 3, 2022: Monday July 4: Happy Independence Day! America's 246th Birthday. Monday, July 4, Noon: Democrats of Greater

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Finally! The FBI Has Subpoenaed Sens. Karen Fann And Kelly Townsend

The Arizona Mirror reports, The FBI subpoenaed Karen Fann and Kelly Townsend for information on the January 6 insurrection: Arizona Senate President Karen Fann and Mesa Republican Senator Kelly Townsend were subpoenaed by the FBI for an on-going investigation into President Donald Trump’s alleged pressure campaign on state officials to overturn the 2020 presidential election results. “President Fann received a FOIA in the form of a subpoena by the FBI as part of the Biden Administration’s political theatrics as

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Phoenix City Council Invests Millions in the Community and Helps Conserve Water from Lake Mead

Mayor Kate Gallego and the Phoenix City Council took steps today (July 1, 2022) to make the fifth largest city in the country a more attractive location and "livable city." 220701 Mayor Gallego and Council Add Millions in Community Support They also passed a measure, in unison with Tucson and the Gila River Indian Community in conserving water from Lake Mead during this drought period. 220701 Phoenix Increases Efforts to Shore Up Lake Mead Among the community investments the

(UPDATED) President Biden and Arizona Democrats React to the Supreme Court Ruling Against the EPA

There is no Planet B to move to if Earth's environment becomes so polluted that the human race needs to find a new home because of the damage it caused the third rock from the sun. Unfortunately, the United States Supreme Court, whose super majority is on a quest to do away with virtually every social justice and environmental protection enacted over the last 50 years (even if it leaves us in an autocratic state or kills us, whichever

Mike Pence is No Hero

Anyone watching the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th attack would get the misimpression that Mike Pence was a hero for certifying the 2020 election of Joseph Biden. Mike Pence did his duty, but when is doing one's duty make one a hero? I served my country. Does that make me a hero? I did my duty. Does that make me a hero? I took an oath to the Constitution. Does that make me a hero? Lawyers

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The State Owns Your Body Now that Roe v. Wade is Gone

A dead woman has more rights to her body than a live one. How can this be? Simple: The US Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade. Now we are seeing a whole shipload of right-wing insanity set sail, and here is just one example. In the normal world, everyone in our society has the sole right to ownership of their own organs. However, no one can take your organs without your consent.* Here in Arizona, one of the most

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Ron Watkins aka ‘Q’ of QAnon Conspiracy Is Targeting Cassidy Hutchinson For Her Testimony

Last Friday, the internet troll known as "Q" from the QAnon conspiracy cult, aka Ron Watkins the administrator of the 8kun message board, Ron Watkins Slips Up, Suggests He Is Q, in HBO QAnon Documentary Series, and currently a GQP candidate for Congress in Arizona, returned after a two year hiatus. QAnon Creator ‘Q’ Returns After Nearly Two-Year Hiatus: The anonymous message board user known as “Q,” whose cryptic announcements spawned the fascist pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy theory, has returned

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Gunnigle and Mayes Blast Mitchell and Brnovich Decision to Enforce Pre Statehood Arizona Abortion Laws

For Maricopa County Interim Attorney Rachel Mitchell and Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, it is perfectly reasonable to enforce Pre Statehood Arizona Abortion Laws from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries on women and their physicians in 2022. At a press conference on Tuesday, Ms. Mitchell, clearly with an eye to the both the fringe base and  suburban voters in Maricopa County, attempted to have it both ways and stated: “There is a law on the books in Arizona

Trump-Endorsed Blake Masters Endorsed By Founder Of Nazi Daily Stormer

Peter Thiel's New Right puppet Blake Masters, the GQP Senate candidate endorsed by failed coup d'etat leader Donald Trump, has also been endorsed by the founder of the Nazi Daily Stormer: One of the internet's most notorious neo-Nazis has joined Donald Trump in endorsing Arizona candidate Blake Masters (right) for the U.S. Senate. Andrew Anglin (above), who publishes the hate site Daily Stormer, announced his endorsement of Masters in a blog post that also expressed support for Trump-endorsed Ohio Senate

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