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Chairman Livingston Threatens to Take Disabled Kids’ Existing Vouchers Hostage Against a Possible Line-Item Veto of New Universal Vouchers

Chairing the Joint Appropriation Committee on Jan 17th, GOP AZ Rep. Livingston makes completely clear the AZGOP Cuaucus's intention to hold the old voucher program for disabled kids hostage to Governor Hobbs's potential line-item veto of their pet universal vouchers, which benefit mainly wealthy elite private school-attending constituents getting a huge rebate on their massive private school tuitions. Watch the exchange starting at 37:00 into the video to about 43:00. Livingston practically cackles like a supervillain as he promises

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The AZGOP’s Resolutions Show They Haven’t Learned Anything From Losing

Looking at the resolutions of the AZGOP put up for adoption at their organizing meeting for 2023, one could be forgiven for concluding that they haven't learned shit from their string of electoral failures in Arizona. In fact, it seems that the lesson they learned was that they didn't believe their own bullshit forcefully enough. h/t to AZ Agenda for pointing out the original document. Continuing to Pedal the Big Lie and Election Delusions: Most of the resolutions, including

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What the Hell is Happening at PimaGOP?

I recently noticed this newsletter from Pima GOP. [underline emphasis added, bold in original.] Your Pima County Republican Party, Legislative District’s Executive Committees, and volunteers are diligently working to reorganize headquarters, replace and upgrade computers and printers, and rebuild the Pima County Republican Party website ( and social media platforms for a fresh start. Stay tuned for a new look to upcoming newsletters and articles which will replace E-Tracks and E-Pulse! Resourceful and collaborative teams are making progress in

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The Quality of Being Fair and Impartial

You've heard it said that an old dog can't learn new tricks. AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne is the living embodiment of this saying. His campaign gave us a preview that he was not going to change his ways. After all, he didn't tout plans to improve our public schools (he was vying for the position overseeing "public" instruction after all), but rather, posted countless campaign signs shouting, "STOP CRITICAL RACE THEORY". Never mind that actual CRT,

By |January 27th, 2023|Education|1 Comment

The GQP Arizona Freedom (sic) Caucus Sends A Ransom Note For Lifting the Education Aggregate Spending Limit

Above: The GQP Arizona Freedom (sic) Caucus in the Arizona legislature. Last February, Michael Bryan explained What is the Aggregate Expenditure Limit and How Screwed Will Your School Be on March 1st? ahead of the brinksmanship by Arizona Republicans over public school funding at the time. These anti-public education Republicans agreed to a one year lifting of the aggregate expenditure limit for public schools, only because they also passed universal school vouchers for private schools, and it was also an

Commentary On the Arizona Legislature’s Rules To End Transparency And Accountability

Update to Authoritarian Arizona GQP Leadership Adopts Rules To End Transparency And Accountability. Jim Small at the Arizona Mirror writes, Fear and loathing in the Arizona legislature The Republicans who run our state legislature are terrified. They’re terrified that their policy proposals are deeply unpopular. Terrified of facing even a tiny bit of accountability. Terrified of anyone knowing what they’re doing or who they’re talking to. They’re terrified of being forced to work with Democrats. Terrified of compromising even

By |January 27th, 2023|AZ Elections, AZ Politics, Redistricting|2 Comments

Obamacare-The Affordable Care Act Reaches All Time Record Enrollment Levels in Arizona and Across the Nation

As Joe Biden said when he was Vice President, "This is a big f---ing deal." Obamacare, otherwise known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) after numerous attempts by Republicans and the twice impeached 45th White House occupant to repeal it, has set an all-time enrollment record in Arizona and across the nation. In Arizona, 235,229 people signed up for health care through the Affordable Care Act Marketplaces, an almost 20 percent increase from last year's figures. Across the country, it

The Prima Donna Davos Diva Kyrsten Sinema is Courted By Republicans

Bloomberg News reports, Independent Sinema Courted by GOP as Democrat Raises $1 Million: Newly "independent" [Prima Donna Davos Diva] Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona is being courted by Senate Republicans, as the Democrat running to take her seat next year raked in $1 million the day after announcing his candidacy. Representative Ruben Gallego has capitalized on Sinema’s unpopularity with Democrats in Arizona and nationwide, pulling in donations from 27,000 people after making his much-anticipated 2024 bid for the Senate

By |January 26th, 2023|AZ Elections, AZ Politics|5 Comments

Authoritarian Arizona GQP Leadership Adopts Rules To End Transparency And Accountability

Back in December, the Gov. Ducey packed Republican Arizona Supreme Court ruled that the Arizona Legislature does not have to comply with the open meetings law that it enacted for every other governmental body in this state. Arizona Supreme Court rules Legislature not required to follow open meeting laws: State lawmakers are free to ignore laws they approved requiring public access to their meetings and there’s nothing that courts can do about it, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled Friday.

By |January 26th, 2023|AZ Elections, AZ Government, AZ Politics|1 Comment

Arizona Mayors Shine in D.C. Last Week

Mayors across Arizona and the country are immediately responsible for charting a course for their residents on the path to safety and success. Arizona Mayors Kate Gallego, Regina Romero, John Giles, Jerry Weiers, and Corey Woods took part in D.C. Events last week while visiting the White House and attending the U.S. Conference of Mayors Winter Meeting where 200 local chief executives met to discuss strategies to move their communities forward. During a White House Ceremony, Phoenix's Gallego and

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