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SCOTUS Watch: Preview Of Decisions To Come In June

The Hill reports, Supreme Court preview: the major decisions still to come: The Supreme Court’s decision season is in full swing. The justices in the coming weeks will hand down major rulings on student debt relief, affirmative action and the Voting Rights Act, with opinions in 30 remaining cases expected to be released by June 30. Here’s a preview of the major decisions. Student Debt Relief The fate of President Biden’s student debt relief plan rests with the justices,

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SCOTUS Watch: Major Decisions At The End of The Term

Much of the news involving the Supreme Court this year has involved the corruption of Supreme Court justices, in particular Clarence Thomas, and Chief justice Roberts' refusal to adopt the Code of Conduct for United States Judges for the Supreme Court. Congress can pass law to do it for him. The Roberts Court has been notorious for leaving its most controversial decisions to the month of June to be decided before the end of the court's term on June

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Governor Hobbs Releases 100 Year Groundwater Supply Report Covering Arizona

Last week (June 1, 2023,) the Governor and her team, at a scheduled press event, released the Phoenix Active Management Area (AMA) Groundwater Model and the Arizona Department of Water Resources’ latest study of groundwater conditions across the Phoenix metropolitan area. While the report's title refers to Phoenix, the data concerns the whole of Arizona. According to the report, many Arizona cities and towns have an assured 100-year groundwater supply. That includes: Phoenix Mesa Tucson Prescott Scottsdale Tempe Chandler

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The United States is Not Fighting a ‘Proxy War’ in Ukraine

I have seen many commentators on the right, and now increasingly on the left, calling the Russian-Ukrainian War a U.S. ‘proxy war’ and criticizing US policy on that spurious basis. The latest is an analyst and military commentator whom I had previously respected, and whom some who share my own values might give credence to: Andrew Bacevich. Anyone who utters the phrase ‘proxy war’ in conjunction with Ukraine’s defense reveals themselves and their motives as less than honest, or at

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Journalists To Stage Walkout On Monday Against Gannett Co., Inc. – Parent Company Of The Arizona Republic

Oliver Darcy reports for CNN's Reliable Sources, Journalists at the nation’s largest newspaper chain are walking off the job in a showdown with its CEO: The biggest newspaper chain in the country is about to be rocked by the biggest walkout of its staff in history. On Monday, hundreds of Gannett journalists plan to stage a one-day strike during the media company’s annual shareholder meeting. Their message: Gannett needs new leadership. The journalists want shareholders to take a vote

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Political Calendar: Week Of June 4, 2023

Send notices of your events to Editor's Note: Due to the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and CDC recommendations for social distancing, many events are still being held virtually online. We are doing our best to update the calendar, but you should check with event organizers prior to attending any event to confirm the status.  Political Calendar for the Week ofJune 4, 2023: Monday, June 5, Noon: Democrats of Greater Tucson: ONLINE MEETING May 29: Featured speaker is Pima County

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Biden Boom: May Jobs Report Beats Expectations, Stock Market Rallies

The Associated Press reports, US hiring jumped last month. So did unemployment. Here’s what that says about the economy: The nation’s employers stepped up their hiring in May, adding a robust 339,000 jobs, well above expectations and evidence of enduring strength in an economy that the Federal Reserve is desperately trying to cool. Friday’s report from the government reflected the job market’s resilience after more than a year of aggressive interest rate increases by the Fed. Many

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DOJ Declines To Prosecute Sanctimonious Mike Pence Over Classified Documents

The LA Times reports, Justice Department says it won’t charge Pence over handling of classified documents: The Department of Justice has informed former Vice President Mike Pence’s legal team that it will not pursue criminal charges related to the discovery of classified documents at his Indiana home. The department sent a letter to Pence’s attorney Thursday informing his team that, after an investigation into the potential mishandling of classified information, no criminal charges will be sought. A Justice Department

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Arizona Supreme Court Rejects Anti-Democracy Arizona GQP’s Second Bid To Do Away With Mail-In Voting

Democracy Docket reports, Arizona Mail-in Voting Challenge II: Lawsuit filed on behalf of the Arizona Republican Party and its chairwoman challenging the state’s no-excuse mail-in voting system, which has been in place since 1991. The plaintiffs argue that the Arizona Constitution requires in-person voting on specific days and, because mail-in voting does not follow these rules, it is unconstitutional. The lawsuit asks the state trial court to strike down Arizona’s no-excuse mail-in voting system, which has been extremely popular

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