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703, 2021

Object to these Voter Suppression Bills Now

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Bills Advancing Republican voter suppression/election bills are advancing in the AZ legislature. If you click on the bill number in the list below, a pdf summary of the bill will

603, 2021

State Courts Become a Battleground for Voter Suppression

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There have been 253 bills in 43 states to restrict voting all over unfounded allegations of rampant voter fraud. The real battle will take place in our courts, particularly in

603, 2021

The Roots of Trump-World are in Racism

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America has always had a vile underbelly. In every era, a portion of the populace has embraced this underbelly—approximately 33%. These citizens, 99% White, seem to be perpetually immature and

503, 2021

Moderate Conservative Justices Question Arizona’s Voter Suppression Laws

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New Justice Amy Coney Barrett, Chief Justice John Roberts, and Justice Brett Kavanaugh appear to have formed a moderately conservative bloc that could strike down Arizona's voter suppression laws, judging

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