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Screenshots Prove Fake Democrat Mike Jette Supported “Maternal Choice,” Not Abortion Access

Michael Bryan

Two screenshots prove that candidate Mike Jette for Pima County Attorney originally supported “maternal choice” for pregnant women – and not abortion access. This screenshot (below) of Jette’s website as of March 7, 2024, shows he called for “maternal choice.” It was retrieved from the public Internet Archive see “Maternal choice” was removed on April … Read more

Tucson Agenda Covers the Pima Treasurer Democratic Primary

Michael Bryan

Full disclosure: I organized this event as the Program Director of in conjunction with the good folks at Tucson Agenda. -Ed. MDB I was thrilled to see Tucson Agenda’s write-up of the program in great detail. This is exactly why we need real journalists, like Curt and Cait, covering local matters full-time. You should … Read more

SCOTUS Doesn’t do Anything Truly Terrible Today! Just Rather Terrible… And Some Good?

Michael Bryan

It is, unfortunately, noteworthy when our SCOTUS doesn’t do something truly awful when handing down opinions, or cynically manipulating the law with the “Shadow Docket”. We got a few opinions today and not all of them were terrible. Two of them I find notable and illustrative of the abuse of discretion contained in Robert’s new … Read more

The Most Terrifying Details in Project 2025

Larry Bodine

This is an edited transcript of an MSNBC analysis between Melissa Murray, a Professor of Law at NYU Law School, and Elie Mystal, the Justice Correspondent for The Nation magazine. Melissa Murray: This is not a normal election, and this is not your father’s Republican Party. It’s now Donald Trump’s party, and if he’s elected, … Read more

In “Achievement Unlocked” the Lincoln Project Highlights the Achievements of the Biden/Harris Administration

David Gordon

For all the misguided souls out there who think we were better off four years ago with Sexual Assaulter, Traitor, Twice Impeached, and 34 Times Convicted Popular Vote Loser Donald ‘I killed Roe v Wade’ and ‘Let’s use bleach to cure COVID’ Trump in the White House, the Lincoln Project has released a new ad … Read more

Get Paid for Your Overtime!

Dianne Post

A new labor department rule goes into effect July 1, 2024.  The new policy will impact 4.3 million workers who are on salary and so don’t get paid overtime.  If you are one of them or know one of them, listen up. The Labor Department is enforcing the Fair Labor Standards Act requirement regarding minimum wage and … Read more

Get Out the Pop Corn: Medias Touch Releases New Ad Showing 34-Time Convicted Donald ‘I Killed Roe v Wade’ Trump is Not Really a Stable Genius

David Gordon

Hi Everyone. I really do not need to write anything here. Just get out the popcorn, watch, and enjoy the below social media ad posted by Medias Touch. Prepare to be entertained. Don’t choke on the popcorn when laughing hard. Discover more from Blog for Arizona Subscribe to get the latest posts to your email. … Read more

Pima County Treasurer’s Debate: Sami Hamed and Brian Johnson Make their Case

Michael Bryan

The Democrats of Greater Tucson, in conjunction with the Tucson Agenda Substack newsletter, sponsored a live debate event for the Democratic candidates vying to take on the appointed Republican incumbent this fall. Here is the video of the event for you to enjoy. There are surprisingly substantive differences, as well as big differences in approach … Read more

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