Fed Up with Jake “Troll Farm-Fake Elector” Hoffman’s Obstruction, Governor Katie Hobbs will Go A Different Route in Installing Her Choices as Agency Heads

Ever since Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs took office last January, MAGA Republicans in the State Senate, spearheaded by MAGA Posterboard Jake “Troll Farm-Fake Elector” Hoffman have sought to obstruct the State’s Executive Branch by snail-walking her nominees to head state agencies such as the Department of Child Safety, Health Care Cost Containment System, and Environmental … Read more

Organize Now to Protect Abortion Access in Arizona!

The Arizona Abortion Access Act initiative (The AAA) to amend AZ’s constitution to protect women’s access to abortion has now officially launched its petition drive under the coalitional organization of Arizonans for Reproductive Freedom. You can visit them to sign up to help the effort. You can directly register yourself in their volunteer intake form … Read more

Why Abortion is This Century’s Prohibition

There will be an ironic outcome of the Republican dogs finally catching the car they’ve been baying after for the past 50 years: abortion rights in this country will be stronger and more firmly entrenched in our laws after overturning Roe than they ever were under Roe. There are two fundamental human truths underlying my … Read more

Dr. Laura Metcalfe to Bring Accountability and Innovation to Maricopa Superintendent of Schools Office

The Maricopa County School Superintendent race in 2024 may be a contest between one candidate (the current Republican incumbent, Steve Watson) who has been accused by the Republican dominant Board of Supervisors of financial mismanagement with regard to the funding of schools under his supervision and Dr. Laura Metcalfe, a 27-year educator and former County … Read more

CD 3 Candidate and Phoenix Vice Mayor Yassamin Ansari on Combatting Climate Change

Phoenix Vice Mayor and Arizona Congressional District (CD) One Candidate Yassamin Ansari has been a leading champion for combatting climate change and promoting clean sustainable energy policies during and before joining the Phoenix City Council as that bodies youngest woman member in 2021. Often partnering with Mayor Kate Gallego, the Vice Mayor has led on … Read more