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Blog for Arizona was created by Michael Bryan in 2003. The first co-authors to join him was the AZ BlueMeanie and David Safier. The three built Blog for Arizona into a popular watchdog blog focusing on Arizona politics, the shenanigans of the Legislature, and the state of education in Arizona.

By allowing established independent bloggers to cross-post, Blog for Arizona continued to grow in stature, and the content became richer.

Karl Reiner and Craig McDermott (Random Musings) became contributors during subsequent years. Bryan opened up the blog even more in 2012 adding Bob Lord and Pamela Powers Hannley (Tucson Progressive).

In 2013, BfAZ expanded coverage of other issues by adding environmentalist Will Greene and local politico and historian Tom Prezelski (Rum, Romanism and Rebellion). In 2014, Donna Gratehouse (Democratic Diva), Carolyn Classen (formerly Carolyn’s Community on the TucsonCitizen.com), and Steve Muratore (Arizona Eagletarian) started blogging at BfAZ, and Safier moved to the Tucson Weekly’s The Range blog.

Also in 2013, the Washington Post named Blog for Arizona the Best Political Blog in Arizona– the only Arizona blog to receive this distinction. BfAZ articles are also regularly featured by the Daily Kos in their weekly progressive news round-up. In 2015, Blog for Arizona was named Best Democratic Blog by the Phoenix New Times.

In subsequent years, Linda Lyon (Restore Reason) and Larry Bodine joined BfAZ. BfAZ also occasionally posts guest commentaries. Learn more about Blog for Arizona authors here.

With regular contributors from Tucson and metro Phoenix, Blog for Arizona is the state’s most comprehensive news source for political news, commentary, and community events.

Blog for Arizona is a truly independent news source. Although the blog has a decidedly progressive viewpoint, we receive no funding from any politicians or political parties. We welcome your support and patronage.

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Blog For Arizona: https://blogforarizona.net/

Contact Blog for Arizona: BlogForArizona@gmail.com or comment on Facebook or Twitter.


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  1. How do you pick your bloggers (“BFAZ Authors”)? Who does the picking (if there is a picking process)? Do the bloggers apply? Or do you recruit them? Do they have to have a separate stand-alone blog of their writings? Do those other writings (the political ones only I assume) get automatically included in BFAZ? What do you call the postings on BFAZ? Are they articles, blogs, essays, or…? Is there an address (PO Box I assume) to send check donation to?

    • Carolyn Classen

      Ben, your answers about Blog for Arizona would best be directed to founder/owner Michael Bryan, Esq. His email is mbryan@gmail.com. He picks the bloggers and I’m sure he would welcome any donations. Thanks.

  2. Congratulations on winning a New Times Best of Phoenix award for Best Democratic Award. I have a couple of things to speak with you about. Can someone call me at 602.229.8479, thx.

  3. Nelson N.Schwartz

    How do I submit an blog, essay,comment or other contribution? Can I use an alias?

  4. I do not agree with Mr. McDermott statement that Mr. Lumm is a good candidate for Maricopa County Community College Governing Board District 4 seat . I am aware Mr. Lumm ignored employee’s request to speak with him under whistleblower protection, allowed continued harassment/retaliation towards employees by ignoring whistleblower protection request , allowed himself to become biased towards an employee and used that biasness to abuse his position of power and voted to involuntary terminate an employee without due process. He is not the candidate he may appear to be.

  5. Greetings…we’re trying to add bloggers like you and your colleagues to our press distribution list. But it seems almost impossible to get everyone’s email addresses.
    Any help would be appreciated… thanks

    In Solidarity


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