Arizona Democratic Legislative Caucus Leaders Nancy Gutierrez and Oscar De Los Santos Discuss the Big Picture for the Current Legislative Session

AZ Dem Legislative Caucus leaders Whip Rep. Nancy Gutierrez and Assistant Minority Leader Rep. Oscar De Los Santos joined’s Program Director Michael Bryan and President Joe Daniszewski for a substantive discussion about the issues and controversies in the current session of the Arizona State Legislature. For the impatient, here is the transcript of … Read more

Senators Epstein and Sundareshan Preview Democratic Goals Ahead of the 2024 State Legislative Session

Arizona Democrats at the State Capitol have several policy goals going into the 2024 legislative session. The major ones are: While they have a supporting ear in Governor Katie Hobb’s office, the key to advancing any portion of their agenda is finding support among the Republican majority leadership in both legislative chambers. Senate Democratic Leader … Read more

On the Future of the Regional Transportation Authority for Pima County, I Gotta Say, “See What Tim Stellar Said…”

Tim Stellar wrote the other day about the coming issue of reauthorization of the Regional Transportation Authority for the next 20 years (the current RTA authorization of a 1/2 cent sales tax will expire in 2026). Paring his criticism down to the bone, he concludes that Tucson could get an additional ~$500m in additional project … Read more

The Four Issues for 2024: The Economy, Law and Order, Freedom, and A Vision for Tomorrow: All Issues Republicans Are Failing On

Happy New Year Blog for Arizona Readers. It is an even year so that means there will be major national, statewide, and local races across the country. The major headline of course will be the probable 2020 Presidential rematch between Joe ‘I Saved the Country’ Biden and Donald ‘I Killed Roe v Wade’ Trump. In … Read more