Tucson Agenda Covers the Pima Treasurer Democratic Primary

Full disclosure: I organized this event as the Program Director of TheDGT.org in conjunction with the good folks at Tucson Agenda. -Ed. MDB I was thrilled to see Tucson Agenda’s write-up of the program in great detail. This is exactly why we need real journalists, like Curt and Cait, covering local matters full-time. You should … Read more

Pima County Treasurer’s Debate: Sami Hamed and Brian Johnson Make their Case

The Democrats of Greater Tucson, in conjunction with the Tucson Agenda Substack newsletter, sponsored a live debate event for the Democratic candidates vying to take on the appointed Republican incumbent this fall. Here is the video of the event for you to enjoy. There are surprisingly substantive differences, as well as big differences in approach … Read more

Arizona Leaders React to the Recently Passed Arizona State Budget

The reaction to the recently passed Arizona State Budget has been, to put it charitably mixed, with some Democrats saying the measure did not protect programs designed to help the most vulnerable and expand the Middle Class. Extreme MAGA Republicans faulted the budget for not going far enough in spending cuts. The Fiscal Year (FY) … Read more

Written Answers for Today’s Pima County Treasurer’s Debate

Curt and I offered to publish the written answers to Curt’s debate questions prior to the debate today. Both candidates were given the questions in advance in order to provide the most comprehensive answers with any references the candidates wished to cite. As of time of publication, we have not received Sami Hamed’s answers (we … Read more

Pima County Treasurer Debate, Saturday At 3pm: Democratic Primary Candidates Sami Hamed & Brian Johnson

Please join the Tucson Agenda and The Democrats of Greater Tucson for a live and in-person Democratic debate for Pima County Treasurer candidates Sami Hamed and Brian Johnson on Saturday, June 8th at 3pm to 5pm at the Flowing Wells Library(1730 West Wetmore Road). Moderating the debate will be local reporter Curt Pendergast of the Tucson Agenda SubStack Newsletter. Get Tickets … Read more