The Biden/Harris Administration Actually Delivers on Infrastructure Week after Week

Remember when the term ‘Infrastructure Week’ was a joke during the Trump/Pence years because the supposed ‘Great Builder’ could not get a Congress under his party’s control to pass an Infrastructure Law. They were more concerned with passing tax cuts for the rich, attempting to take away health care from millions, and confirming Supreme Court … Read more

President Biden Challenges Trump to Debates, Saying “Make My Day, Pal,” and “I Hear You’re Free on Wednesday’s.”

Let the debate on debates begin. President Joe Biden just released an ad, calling Donald ‘I Killed Roe v Wade’ Trump’s bluff on scheduling debates for the 2024 Presidential Election season. “Donald Trump lost two debates to me in 2020 and since then, he hasn’t shown up for a debate. Now he’s acting like he … Read more

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden Wows Educators in Phoenix

In a room filled with Arizona Education Association (A.E.A.) Union Members and supporters for an Educators for Biden/Harris event at the Renaissance Hotel in Central Phoenix, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden wowed the audience as she made the case for a second Biden/Harris Term. After the crowd was warmed up by stirring introductory speeches from … Read more

Biden-Harris Campaign Reminds Arizona Voters that Trump Wants to “Terminate” their Health Care

In the latest Biden/Harris Campaign Ad, called “Terminate,” the President and Vice President’s reelection team remind voters that there is yet another reason to be very afraid of a possible Trump return to the White House. Mr. ‘I Killed Roe v Wade’ still wants to take away their health care if it comes through the … Read more

Read the Details of What Stormy Daniels Really Said **For Adults Only**

Stormy Daniels’ testimony was so lurid it almost derailed Trump’s trial. The porn star’s lively testimony discussed ‘condoms,’ ‘STDs,’ and ‘the missionary position.’ Before the sex, she made her way through Trump’s master bedroom to use the bathroom. She couldn’t help but rummage through his toiletry bag before walking back into the bedroom. “The items … Read more