Read the Details of What Stormy Daniels Really Said **For Adults Only**

Stormy Daniels’ testimony was so lurid it almost derailed Trump’s trial. The porn star’s lively testimony discussed ‘condoms,’ ‘STDs,’ and ‘the missionary position.’ Before the sex, she made her way through Trump’s master bedroom to use the bathroom. She couldn’t help but rummage through his toiletry bag before walking back into the bedroom. “The items … Read more

President Biden Strikes the Right Note on Protests

Again, President Joe Biden showed why he deserves a second term in the Oval Office. In comments at the White House yesterday (May 2, 2024,) the President struck the right notes in supporting the rights of peoples and groups to protest with regard to both sides of the current Israelis-Gaza conflict while also condemning those … Read more

Mike Jette’s Audition for Pima County Attorney Did Not Go as Planned..? and a Personal Endorsement

With the hung jury and the decision not to retry him, Mr. George Alan Kelly has essentially gotten away with the murder of Gabriel Cuen-Butimea, a member of a class of persons whom the MAGAs consider less than human. They will certainly celebrate and lionize him as some sort of twisted ‘hero’, much like the … Read more

Arizona Legislative Senate Dems Lead Repealing Civil War Era Ban on Reproductive Freedom

On the day Floridian women saw their reproductive freedom severely curtailed with a six week ban on abortions going into effect, the Arizona State Senate, with uniamious Democratic support, repealed the Civil War era ban on reproductive freedom. Only Republicans Shawna Bolick and T.J. Shope supported the repeal. The repeal will go into effect 90 … Read more

Lauren Kuby Wants to Be Part of a New Democratic Majority in the Arizona State Senate

Through their largely unsupported policies of restricting reproductive freedom, shifting public funds to private schools that benefit the wealthy, tax cuts that help those that do not need it, and attempting to suppress the people’s access to the ballot box, Arizona Legislative Republicans have opened the door for Democrats to potentially gain the majority in … Read more