Are Democrats Going Run to the Right of MAGA on Immigration Now?

President Joe Biden seems to have decided that the best way to position Democrats on immigration is to go on offense and run to the right of MAGA. Being on offense? I approve. Trying to flank MAGA and Trump on to the right? I doubt it will work. The Senate bipartisan compromise bill’s (analysis of … Read more

MAGA Republicans, By Abandoning Their Own Border Deal, Prove Again They Are Not For the American People and Law and Order

We have played a variation of this song before. In 2009/10, the Democrats, in order to get a bipartisan health care plan through Congress, largely adopted the provisions of the Massachusetts Romneycare (as in Governor, now Utah Senator Mitt Romney) for a national model. Republicans opposed it anyway and have never come up with a … Read more

Arizona Democratic Officeholders Strongly Condemn Republican Voter Suppression Bill to Address the Election Mess MAGA Legislators Created

In 2022 when it was becoming increasingly clear in the Cyber Ninjas fiasco that there was no fraud in the Presidential Elections in Arizona, Republican lawmakers and Governor Doug Ducey, largely at the behest of their Trumpets-MAGA masters passed a election law that would trigger more automatic voter recounts if the margin of victory is … Read more

After the First Month of the New Year, the Political Stars Seem to be Finally Aligning…for President Joe Biden

The new year, with the exception of the terrible events occurring in the Middle East, has been very kind, so far, to the Biden/Harris Campaign. The President and his team have issued several social media posts on several of these events. Below are a few samples. On Mr. Trump wanting the economy to crash so … Read more

Fitz: The Cyber Ninja Saga, Part 3

Crossposted with permission from David Fitzsimmons’ excellent SubStack ‘Arizona’s Progressive Voice’. Why aren’t you paying subscriber, already? Back in December of 2020, after Biden whupped Trump fair and square, a fruitless six-hour hearing was conducted by Senate Judiciary Chairman Eddie Farnsworth, a bilious character right out of “Green Acres”, found no evidence of any fraud, malfeasance, … Read more