What’s Pissing Off AZ BlueMeanie Now?

WASHINGTON — A band of conservative rebels on Friday revolted and blocked House Republicans’ short-term funding bill to keep the government open, delivering a political blow to Speaker Kevin McCarthy and likely cementing the chances of a painful government shutdown that is less than 48 hours away. Twenty-one rebels, led by Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., a conservative bomb-thrower and … Read more

The Sociopathic Party

The Republican Party is deeply sick. In fact, I think it is fair to diagnose it as a sociopathic entity. If something isn’t done to stop the Republican Party’s destructive behavior, I fear the consequences for this country. The DSM-5 defines a sociopath (someone who has an anti-social personality disorder) as an individual with three … Read more

The Lincoln Project Frames What is at Stake in 2024 with Contrasting Ads on Biden and Trump

The Lincoln Project has unveiled four new ads in the last week that, in case there are still people on the fence, frame what is at stake in the 2024 Presidential Election. The Project released two new ads, called “Fact Checking” and “Trump’s Instincts” based on clips from Kristen Welker’s first interview with Donald Trump … Read more

Why Abortion is This Century’s Prohibition

There will be an ironic outcome of the Republican dogs finally catching the car they’ve been baying after for the past 50 years: abortion rights in this country will be stronger and more firmly entrenched in our laws after overturning Roe than they ever were under Roe. There are two fundamental human truths underlying my … Read more

Margot Cowan On Legal Representation for Immigrants

Margo has been fighting for years to get an initiative on the ballot to provide legal representation for those immigrants in deportation proceedings. Here is a great discussion of the issue on the Border Chronicle podcast. I also recommend subscribing to the Border Chronicle newsletter on substack. https://www.theborderchronicle.com/p/people-need-representation-a-podcast?r=ql07&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web