Democracy Warrior Gail Kamaras Inducted into Democratic Hall of Fame

Gail Kamaras of Tucson singlehandedly collected signatures for 250 petitions for the pro-choice AAA Initiative. An attorney and avid hiker, she loves setting up a colorful ironing board at a local library or farmer’s market to gather signatures on petitions or register new voters. Gail, a precinct committee person in Legislative District 18 in Tucson, was inducted … Read more

The AZGOP Has Become a Death-Spiraling Dumpster Fire: Their Fundraising is a Joke & #HariKari Lake is Their Future?!

It’s not just this liberal progressive blogger calling Kari Lake and the AZGOP a dumpster fire… #HariKari! ‘He just tells it like it is, folks!’ Conservatives with a reasonable eye on the bottom line of actually winning offices – rather than using primaries to just hunt so-called ‘RINOs’ (i.e. real conservatives who won’t go along … Read more

The Biden/Harris Administration Actually Delivers on Infrastructure Week after Week

Remember when the term ‘Infrastructure Week’ was a joke during the Trump/Pence years because the supposed ‘Great Builder’ could not get a Congress under his party’s control to pass an Infrastructure Law. They were more concerned with passing tax cuts for the rich, attempting to take away health care from millions, and confirming Supreme Court … Read more