Rep. Eli Crane Praises Sen. Tubervilles’ Destruction of our Military Readiness

I’m consistently unimpressed by the performance of Arizona’s newest United States Representative, Eli Crane. The man was a special forces operator, so I have tried hard to see any benefit from his direct combat experience being brought to bear on his work, but I consistently fail to see it. Instead, I find nothing but anti-vax … Read more

With a Powerful Resume, Andrei Cherny Hopes to Become the Next Representative from Arizona CD One

A grandchild of Holocaust Survivors. The son of immigrant refugees fleeing Communism. Recruited to the Clinton White House as the then-youngest Presidential speechwriter in United States History. Co-founder and President of the journal, Democracy. The primary drafter of the Democratic Party Platform in 2000 A Naval Reserve Intelligence Officer following 9/11 A speechwriter for the … Read more

As a State Representative from LD 2, Stephanie Simacek Promises to Represent the Interests and Values of the District 

When readers last heard from Stephanie Simacek, she was successfully running for a seat on the Deer Valley Unified School District Governing Board. Fast forward to today and Ms. Simacek, while able to retain her seat on the Deer Valley Board, has declared her candidacy for one of the State House seats in Arizona Legislative … Read more

Margot Cowan On Legal Representation for Immigrants

Margo has been fighting for years to get an initiative on the ballot to provide legal representation for those immigrants in deportation proceedings. Here is a great discussion of the issue on the Border Chronicle podcast. I also recommend subscribing to the Border Chronicle newsletter on substack.

Amy Fitch Seeks LD 17 State Senate Seat and Pledges to Be a Good Steward that will Focus on Finding Solutions for All

In the November 2022 elections, voters in Arizona Legislative District (LD) 17, an area encompassing Republican-friendly Oro Valley and the outer edges of the Tucson area elected Justine Wadsack by a slim margin over Democratic opponent Mike Nickerson. Wadsack, a fringe extremist candidate who lost to Kirsten Engel by over 17 points in a State … Read more