Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes Condemns Inquisition…Sorry… Committee Examining Her Actions and Record

Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes and her team at the AG’s office have not made life easy for individuals and businesses whose campaign donations and political persuasions steer toward the MAGA political spectrum. Since being sworn in on January 2023, the Attorney General has worked to: These actions, in service of everyday Arizonans, have earned … Read more

UPDATED 3/28: Meet LD17 Candidate John McLean with! Recording Online Now!

UPDATE 3/28: Watch John at’s Monday Zoom on March 25th! With a famed Bruce Willis’s “Die Hard” name and the looks of Bill Nye, the Science Guy, Arizona Legislative District (LD17) State Senate Candidate John McLean believes “in true public service, where legislators put the community’s interests above their own.” That would be quite a change … Read more

Part One: President Biden Launches Latinos For Biden and Celebrates the Benefits of the CHIPS Act for Arizona and the Country

In a two-day swing through the electoral swing area of Maricopa County, Arizona, President Biden helped launch Latinos for Biden at El Portal Mexican Food Restuarant and celebrated the benefits of the CHIPS Act for Arizona and the Country while visiting the Southern Chandler Intel Plant that has just been awarded 8.5 billion dollars to … Read more

Mayes, Gallego, and Hathaway Call on the MAGA Controlled House to Finally Act on Securing the Border and Combatting Fentanyl Drug Trafficking

Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes, Congressional District Three Representative and Presumptive Democratic Senate Nominee Ruben Gallego, and Santa Cruz County Sheriff David Hathaway have a message for Congress. Fund and Secure the Border NOW! Since the collapse, at the instigation of Donald Trump and his MAGA allies in Congress, of a Senate Bipartisan Bill to … Read more

Donald Trump is the Vilest Major Party Candidate for President in United States History

Without a doubt, Donald Trump’s words and actions make him the vilest major party candidate for President in United States History. Numerous articles in the Blog for Arizona archives over the last eight years demonstrate this. Here is a reminder of just a few of the lowlights of Mr. Trump’s disastrous impact on the country … Read more