Fair Weather Democrat Greg Stanton Backstabs President Biden in the Middle of the N.A.T.O. Conference

Arizona Congressional House District Four Representative Greg Stanton is the latest fair weather Democrat to voice his suggestion that President Joe Biden withdraw from the 2024 race. Please see Mr. Stanton’s announcement below. In one sentence, Mr. Stanton calls President Biden “our country’s most effective modern Chief Executives” and backstabs him, while the President is … Read more

Arizona Delegates to the Democratic National Convention Are with President Joe Biden

Biden for Arizona issued a press release yesterday showcasing reports from KOLD 13 News and Cronkite News that found, after talking with 82 Arizona Delegates to the Democratic National Convention next month, that their support for President Joe Biden is strong. Among the quotes cited in the articles are: “It’s a little different for me … Read more

The Biden/Harris Campaign Releases a New Ad Going After Convicted Trump and Project 2025

The Biden/Harris Campaign has continued its vigorous attack on 34 time convicted, twice impeached, traitor and sexual assaulter Donald ‘I killed Roe v Wade’ Trump’s MAGA policy blueprint, the Heritage Foundation version of Mein Kampf and The Handmaids Tale, Project 2025 by releasing several social media posts including a new ad. In the new ad, … Read more

(UPDATED)Shame On These Fair Weather Democrats; They Need to Learn from History

The fair weather Democrats, pundits, and activists who are trying to give President Joe Biden space to withdraw by continually hounding him to exit in the press, the airwaves, television, social media, and the halls of Congress need to learn from history. In 1968, Eugene McCarthy forces and the candidate himself strung Democratic Nominee Hubert … Read more

(UPDATED)More Proof (Like That is Needed) That Convicted, Traitor, and Sexual Assaulter Trump is Unfit: Watch the Latest Lincoln Project Ad Called “Rambling”

While several news stations and pundits are concentrating on hounding President Joe Biden out of the Presidential Campaign by telling their audience that “he is a great President and leader” but get the hell out, the Lincoln Project reminds the country of the real threat to the country and the actual candidate that is unhinged … Read more