(UPDATED) Donald ‘I Killed Roe V Wade’ also wants to Take Away Health Insurance from Millions of Americans’ How About That

Talk about De Ja Vu. Like a broken record or an Alt-Right Energizer Bunny, Donald Trump keeps going and going in wanting to repeal and replace The Affordable Care Act/Obamacare. As recently as today (November 29, 2023,) the former White House occupant who brought the nation the death of Roe v Wade, the mishandling of … Read more

DJT sells snake oil

Health Care Horror Show: The ACA Nightmare Redux

Just when we thought the health care horror show was over, the presumptive Republican nominee is boasting a sequel worse than the original. On the 2024 campaign trail, the Polyester Cockwomble promises a real nightmare: he’ll destroy the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and, with it, the health care of over 40 million Americans. Because nothing … Read more

Katie Hobbs Signs Petition to Put Reproductive Freedom on the Ballot

Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs, in a public event with like-minded Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, put her name to a petition that, if it gathers enough valid signatures, will put the right to reproductive freedom on the 2024 ballot. Commenting at the event, the Governor commented: “This ballot measure will restore the freedom that was stripped … Read more

When there’s a Trumper at Thanksgiving

Columnist Rachel Bitecofer offers a strategic approach for dealing with “Uncle Bob,” the Trumper at the Thanksgiving table. It’s called “Pivot and Attack” and is sure to make the MAGAs the turkey at your holiday table. It’s a way to beat the Republicans with their own tactics. Note from Rachael: “Pivot and attack doesn’t come … Read more

National and Arizona Reaction to the Pause between Israel and Hamas

Yesterday, after a series of marathon negotiations over the last month that had numerous intermissions, Israel and Hamas concluded a four-day pause in the fighting that includes the release of 50 of the 230 hostages the terrorist group, during its unprovoked attack on Israel on October 7, 2023, kidnapped including young children, one of them … Read more