The Democratic Nomination Debate for Pima County Supervisor, District 1, Between Rex Scott and Jake Martin

Curt Pendergast of Tucson Agenda moderated the Democrats of Greater Tucson and Tucson Agenda sponsored debate and finalized the moderator questions that he would ask, which were provided to the candidates ahead of the debate to give written answers with optional references, and to prepare their best oral responses: For the candidates’ live answers, please … Read more

Written Answers of Jake Martin in Debate for Pima County Supervisor District 1

Here are the answers of Jake Martin: Q: The poverty rate in Pima County is about 15%. What should the county’s role be in lowering that rate? Do you see any steps the county has taken in recent years that you think are working well, or any that aren’t working and should be discontinued? The … Read more

Look for Updates on this Event on Monday! Live Democratic Debate for Pima County Supervisor, District 1, with Rex Scott and Jake Martin by Tucson Agenda and TODAY at 2pm

Democrats of Greater Tucson and Tucson Agenda Present a Democratic Primary Debate for Pima County Supervisor, District 1, with candidates Jake Martin and Rex Scott, moderated by Tucson Agenda’s Curt Pendergast. This in-person debate will occur on Saturday, May 4th, 2024 from 2-4 pm at Williams Center, 2585 East Williams Circle, The L Offices Center event space … Read more

Lauren Kuby Wants to Be Part of a New Democratic Majority in the Arizona State Senate

Through their largely unsupported policies of restricting reproductive freedom, shifting public funds to private schools that benefit the wealthy, tax cuts that help those that do not need it, and attempting to suppress the people’s access to the ballot box, Arizona Legislative Republicans have opened the door for Democrats to potentially gain the majority in … Read more