Accused Rapist Yahya Yuksel Must Drop Out Now from CD2 Race

Disgraced candidate Yahya Yuksel refused to quit the CD2 race for Congress, ignoring an angry crowd of rape victims and other women.

Disgraced candidate Yahya Yuksel refused to quit the CD2 race for Congress, ignoring an angry crowd of rape victims and other women.

A 16-year old Tucson girl was upset because her parents were getting divorced, and she went to a friend’s house and got drunk. As she was passing out, Yahya Yuksel, a teen virgin who was ready with a condom, had sex with her even though she said, “no, I don’t want to.”

Flash forward to yesterday, when Yuksel — in a public display of narcissism — was confronted with the allegations of rape and a furious crowd of rape survivors and other women — and he refused to drop out of his race for Democratic CD2 Congress member. See Rape Allegation Surfaces Against CD2 Democratic Candidate Yahya Yuksel.

Back in 2007, the unnamed 16-year old girl regained consciousness and started crying. She told a friend who had listened in on the sex act that Yuksel raped her. He would later cover for Yuksel in a Sheriff’s interview. She finally told her parents who basically told her, “you should have known better.” It was only when she told her school counselor she had been raped that somebody finally believed her.

The counselor called 911. A Sheriff’s officer interviewed the girl, but the officer didn’t even bother to interview Yuksel, the alleged perpetrator, and closed the case. No charges were ever filed. Click to see the photos of the documents: PDF with legal motion, sheriffs report and court ruling.

We can imagine what the boys were saying about Yuksel’s first sexual success. How could Yuksel not know that the girl was telling people she had been raped? Certainly, the creep who listened in told Yuksel what she said.

Flash forward to March 2018 when Yuksel claims he discovered the police report. He was about to start a run for Congress and needed to get rid of the police report. He filed a “Petition for Clearance of Criminal Record” legal motion to cover up the offense. The motion said it would be “disastrous” to his campaign and even anticipated that the Sheriff’s report would be made public. Confronted with the bizarre motion, a judge denied it.

In an act of egotism, Yuksel announced his run for Congress last March, never having been elected to office before. It came to an end yesterday when he surprisingly refused to quit the race, and the crowd chased him out of the room with a shout of “Coward,” and chants of “Shame on You” and “You are done.”

Watch the videos of the disastrous event at As Crowd Chants “You Are Done” CD2 Candidate Yahya Yuksel Refuses to Quit Race for Congress. His campaign is over but the candidate and his advisors refuse to admit it.

Represent Me AZ revoked their invitation for Yuksel to appear at Thursday’s candidate forum and implored him to drop out of race.

It’s not about politics

This debacle is not about politics and who can win the primary. It’s about women that nobody would believe about being targets of rape, sexual harassment, and assault.

It’s about men who can’t keep their dick in their pants and take advantage of their power — or the drunkenness of a teenage girl — like President Trump, Harvey Weinstein, Anthony Wiener, John Edwards and other assholes.

Yahya — for the sake ignored victims of a sexual attack, for the sake of the voters in CD2, for the sake of the Democratic party, and for your own sake and future — get the hell out of the race for Congress.




As Crowd Chants “You Are Done” CD2 Candidate Yahya Yuksel Refuses to Quit Race for Congress

In a a shocking display of narcissism, Democratic CD2 Congressional Candidate Yahya Yuksel announced he will stay in the race despite rape allegations which he tried to cover up. An angry crowd of about 35 people chanted “You are Done” as he walked away with his campaign manager.

Read: Accused Rapist Yahya Yuksel Must Drop Out Now from CD2 Race

Casting himself as a victim in a case of rape allegations, he started by giving lip service to the #MeToo movement, and adding “Regarding the allegations, it’s deeply disturbing to me. It hurts. I could never ever force myself on someone.” Only in response to questions did he say he would stay in the race.

As he walked out of the room, a woman shouted “Coward” and the crowd began chanting “Shame on You. Shame on You.”

The event could not have been handled worse. It devolved into chanting and shouts as an audience of rape survivors and other women responded furiously. His mother Apameh Bashar and father Edip Yuksel tried to defend their son and shouting matches exploded.

Yuksel stood briefly in the hallway of his campaign offices and actually defended himself by saying, “I was a virgin,” regarding the rape allegations until he was led away by his campaign manager.

I am disgusted and disheartened by Yahya’s statement and his family and campaign’s performance here. He said he would talk to us, so I expect answers,” said Veronica Nicole who has led discussions about Yuksel on Facebook.

“I also expect people in positions of power and the media to demand answer to these questions. I will not stop until he steps down. Because he does not deserve to represent the women of this community,” she said.


The death of democracy is in our demographics, and our antiquated Constitution

Ezra Klein at made several important observations about our democracy in a recent post about President Trump’s nomination of an associate justice to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court vs. democracy:

Such appointments are becoming the norm. With Justice Kennedy’s replacement, four out of the Supreme Court’s nine justices — all of whom have lifetime tenure — will have been nominated by presidents who won the White House, at least initially, despite losing the popular vote.

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that. America, for all its proud democratic rhetoric, is not actually a democracy. Until and unless the country chooses to abolish the Electoral College, it will remain not-quite-a-democracy, with all the strange outcomes that entails. Liberals may complain, but the rules are the rules, and both sides know what they are.

But the Supreme Court’s conservative bloc doesn’t just reflect the outcomes of America’s undemocratic electoral rules; it is writing and, in some cases, rewriting them, to favor the Republican Party — making it easier to suppress votes, simpler for corporations and billionaires to buy elections, and legal for incumbents to gerrymander districts to protect and enhance their majorities.

The Supreme Court has always been undemocratic. What it’s becoming is something more dangerous: anti-democratic.

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Sunday, July 15, 5:00 p.m.: Saddlebrooke Democrats Summer Picnic, at the SaddleBrooke Activity Center, 64518 Galveston Lane, Saddlebrooke. Summer Picnic at the Tennis Patio, Saddlebrooke One. Pot Luck (bring a dish to share) & BYOB. Utensils/plates/cups provided. Summer Picnic at the Tennis Patio, Saddlebrooke One. Meet the candidates, contests and 50/50 raffle. Call 520-822-6566 for more information.

Monday, July 16, Noon: Democrats of Greater Tucson luncheon, Dragon’s View Restaurant (400 N. Bonita, South of St. Mary’s Road between the Freeway and Grande Avenue, turn South at Furr’s Cafeteria). New price: buffet lunch is $10.00 cash, $12 credit; just a drink is $3.50. Featured speaker is Mark Manoil, candidate for State Treasurer. Next Week: Yahya Yuksel, candidate for Congress in CD 2.

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Cartoon of The Week




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Rape Allegation Surfaces Against CD2 Democratic Candidate Yahya Yuksel

Yahya Yuksel

Yahya Yuksel is facing outrage and calls for him to drop out of the CD2 Congressional race because of a 2008 police report recounting a rape allegation.

Read: Accused Rapist Yahya Yuksel Must Drop Out Now from CD2 Race

A Pima County Sheriff’s report has surfaced, stating that CD2 Democratic Congressional Candidate Yahya Yuksel was accused of rape by a 16- or 17-year-old girl when he was 17 and both were in high school in 2007.

The report also quotes a witness who refutes the girl’s claim.

Yuksel denied the “false allegation,” in a legal motion, stating, “The investigating officer found no reason to pursue the allegation after speaking with the accuser. For the record, I did not know of the existence of this allegation until recently,” he stated.

“Such a criminal allegation of moral turpitude is utterly disastrous to my reputation, especially for someone like me who is considering running for elected political office,” he stated.

When reached by phone yesterday, Yuksel said he would be issuing a statement.

The 2008 report

In the sheriff’s report dated March 13, 2008, the teenage girl said she and Yuksel were drinking Sky vodka and cola at a friend’s house. The report blacks out her name. She told the officer that Yuksel began kissing her and she tried to push him off, “telling him that she did not want to.” She stated that Yuksel began “feeling me up.” “He then pulled off her shorts and swimsuit bottoms, put on a condom and had intercourse with her. She stated ‘no’ the whole time and tried to push him off. During intercourse, she cried a little bit and then blacked out,” the report states.
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