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Housing for Refugees forum on July 7

Hosted by Iskashitaa Refugee Network and Southwest Fair Housing Council.

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Iskashitaa Refugee Network’s Food for Thought pot luck


Iskashitaa Refugee Network is a grass roots organization that helps rebuild refugee lives through our partnerships with volunteers and local organizations.  Staff and volunteers unite refugees and the community through unique programs designed to empower the refugees.  Programs emphasize community connections, sharing, and English language practice to build community of refugees and volunteers.   Iskashitaa has also worked to build a networking community among Tucson area refugee volunteers and agencies.

Recently I attended a talk about this Iskashitaa Refugee Network. “Iskashitaa” is a Somali Bantu word for  “working cooperatively together”.   One of their core programs is harvesting nutritious food from people’s backyards & local farms, which are then redistributed to the refugee families and & other Tucson organizations helping families in need. Their motto: “No Fruit Left Behind.”

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