Daily Archives: November 23, 2017

Be thankful for good health on Thanksgiving 2017

It’s Thanksgiving 2017. This year it’s time to reflect a little about the importance of good health. Recently I’ve been in bed coughing and coughing with bronchitis.  After days of that suffering, boredom, and having to relearn patience, I am again so very thankful for good health in my female human body.  Just being healthy today, to be able to eat a delicious Thanksgiving dinner is joyful. For 2 days last week food tasted badly with a bitter, metallic tinge in my mouth. It was unnerving to say a least, but normal for some colds apparently.

I would like to ask for prayers today for two friends — one who is undergoing cancer treatment for his colon, and another whose attorney wife just died from lung complications.  Health is/was the key for both.

So please enjoy today with family and/or friends wherever you are, and just sit back and think with gratitude about how important and necessary wellness and vibrant health are.  Celebrate life.

Happy Thanksgiving 2017.