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The Road to a Democratic State Legislature Runs through Maricopa County  

Democrats can win by focusing on 3 issues: public education, health care, and job creation, according to Maricopa County Democratic Party Chairman Steven Slugocki

Maricopa County in Arizona is the fourth largest populated county in the United States. The fifth largest city in the country, Phoenix is within its boundaries as are 20 of the 30 state legislative districts.

It is also the county that Maricopa County Democratic Party Chairman Steven Slugocki believes has the best chance of shifting the balance of power in the Arizona State Legislature from red to blue.

Slugocki, the county chairperson of the Democratic Party since December 2015, relayed that grassroots enthusiasm for the Democratic Party, fueled by frustrations with both the Governorship of Doug Ducey (and state legislature) and the Presidency of Donald Trump (and Republican Congress), has reached once unimaginable heights. Committing to an all-out voter outreach effort, Slugocki emphasized that the county will prioritize local races from the Governor’s race at the top of the ballot to the local school board elections. The County Democratic organization pledges to “contest and fight for every seat in every area of the county.”

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Governing like We are Still in the 1920’s

Photo of Hybrid Trump/Mussolini courtesy of Richard Drew Salon

When people think about the history of the 1920’s, some positive events probably come to mind.

They may think of Babe Ruth hitting 60 home runs for the 1927 Murders Row New York Yankees.

They may think this was the time of the Jazz Age.

They may think this was the time of the Harlem Renaissance.

They may think this was a time when talking motion pictures premiered.

They may think that humanity, through future America First Leader Charles Lindbergh, was first able to pioneer airplane technology (not aeronautic because Zeppelin crews had already accomplished the feat) by being the first to fly his plane, The Spirit of St. Louis, across the Atlantic.

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