Tempe Mayor Corey Woods Wants to Keep it Going and Deliver Again for Tempe in the Next Four Years

As a Tempe City Councilmember and Mayor, Corey Woods has worked to deliver positive and equitable results for local residents. From affordable housing to economic and community development to green sustainable programs like maintaining parks and overseeing the institution of a local streetcar program system, Mayor Woods has always looked toward tomorrow in moving Tempe … Read more

Tempe Mayor Corey Woods Discusses the First Six Months of 2022

  Helping to get Tempe through the Severity of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Launching a slew of affordable housing programs and construction projects. Modernizing the city wastewater program and transportation infrastructure. Making Tempe an attractive place for people and families to live, play, and thrive. Starting a new local light rail system running through the Arizona … Read more

Tempe Mayor-Elect Corey Woods Prepares for his Inauguration on July 2, 2020

On March 10, 2020, former City Council Member Corey Woods (a Democrat) defeated two-term Democratic incumbent Mayor Mark Mitchell to become the next leader of Tempe. With his inauguration on July 2, 2020, Mayor-Elect Woods graciously took time from his schedule to discuss his transition to take over from Mayor Mitchell this summer and his … Read more

Community Activist and Public Policy Servant Nikki Amberg Seeks a Seat on the Tempe City Council

Longtime Tempe resident Nikki Amberg wants to give back to the community she loves by serving on the local City Council.  Experienced in public policy and community activism, Ms. Amberg would like to bridge her service in these areas to preserve what is great about Tempe (its diversity, great staff, commitments to affordable housing, sustainability, … Read more