Another shooting. Horrifying


by David Safier

A shooting in a Connecticut school. CBS reports that 27 are dead, including at least 14 children. (This is still breaking news, so nothing should be taken as final until we get police confirmation.)

Is it time to talk about gun violence and regulation yet?



  1. One possibility is that the media has been suppressing 22 mass murders per year since the 1970’s. The more likely possibility is that the media HASN’T been suppressing 22 mass murders per year since the 1970’s.

    Writer James Alan Fox claims that “The number of mass murders in the U.S. has remained fairly steady, averaging about two dozen cases a year since the mid-1970s.” Perhaps he can be contacted for supporting evidence of his claim.

    I rather think the likelihood that his claim there is a mass murder event a bit more often than once every 3 weeks is unlikely to be true. If so I imagine there will be someone or some news organization that will provide supporting documentation.

  2. In an article that I read about the Oregon mall shooting, it said that the US has had an *average* of 22(!) mass murders PER YEAR since the 1970s. Obviously, the lame stream media has been suppressing that news. If the general public heard of every shooting, we wouldn’t have the NRA-dictated laws that we have now.