Phoenix Councilwoman and Congressional District Three House Candidate Yassamin Ansari Unveils Her Federal Housing Plan

Today (February 19, 2024,) Phoenix Councilwoman, former Vice Mayor, and Congressional District (CD) House Candidate Yassamin Ansari released her plan to help provide federally driven affordable housing assistance and reduce homelessness in the fifth-largest city in the country. Known for her stellar work on promoting and advancing clean energy sustainability in the Phoenix Metro Area, … Read more

The MAGA Stable Genius who Killed Roe v. Wade Ranks Last in the Latest Historians Presidential Rankings

Fans of James Buchanan, the largely ineffective President before Lincoln, who was the one to allow the first Southern States to secede on the eve of the American Civil War, have reason to cheer. In the latest historian poll on ranking American Presidents through history, Buchanan is not last among Oval Office occupiers. It is … Read more

President Biden Blasts Do Nothing MAGA Republican Controlled House for Inaction on Ukraine

President Joe Biden has taken the political offensive the last couple of weeks on MAGA Republican inaction on border security and aid to Ukraine. Over the last two days, the President has spoken twice to reporters and the American People calling on MAGA-supporting Speaker Mike Johnson to move the bipartisan passed Senate bill that would … Read more

Biden/Harris Campaign Releases Ad Condemning Trump’s Embrace of Putin and Attacks on N.A.T.O.

The Biden/Harris Campaign followed up on the President’s condemnation of Donald Trump’s embrace of Putin and attacks on N.A.T.O. by releasing an ad saluting the collective security organization and attacking the 45th White House occupant for abandoning American Foreign Policy ideals and allies. Called “Walk Away,” the narrator in the ad credited N.A.T.O. as the … Read more

On Arizona Statehood Day, Senate Democratic Leader Mitzi Epstein Gives a State of the Session Update Calling for More Bipartisan Collaboration

On the 112th anniversary of Arizona becoming a state, State Senate Democratic Leader Mitzi Epstein gave an update on the current 2024 legislative session. In her comments, Senator Epstein started off by saying: “Our caucus is very grateful to be doing the work to represent the people of the state we all love.” She then … Read more