Senator Vince Leach, the Worst Legislator in Arizona

Senator Vince Leach of Oro Valley distinguished himself as one of the Worst Legislators in Arizona. A Republican, Leach is running for re-election to the Arizona State Senate to represent District 17. Men like Leach should be vilified and voted out of office now. Leach’s voting record on gun bills has been appalling. • Leach … Read more

Just 8 Months Left to Save Our Democracy

By Dee Maitland. Published in the April newsletter of The Democrats of Oro Valley. Sen. Vince Leach is a scourge on the body politic Democrats suffered for a decade in LD11, a safe Republican district that produced the insurrectionist Mark Finchem. We now must suffer for another decade in a safe Republican district, LD17, engineered … Read more