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Long-time blogger and political activist, Pamela Powers Hannley holds a masters’ degree in public health from the University of Arizona and a bachelors’ degree in journalism from the Ohio State University. She has worked for many years in communications and public relations. Powers Hannley stepped down from her position as the managing editor of the American Journal of Medicine to serve Legislative District 9 in the Arizona House. Powers Hannley won her seat in November 2016 and won her re-election bid in 2018. She continues to work part-time social media editor for the journal. In addition to Blog for Arizona, she writes her own blog, The The Tucson Progressive and has contributed political stories to the Huffington Post. Powers Hannley is co-director of Arizonans for a New Economy, Arizona’s public banking initiative. Political website: PowersForThePeople.net Facebook Page: Pamela Powers Hannley for House Tucson Progressive on Facebook: Tucson Progressive Twitter handle: @p2hannley Instagram: p2hannley

October 2012

Presidential knockout: If you’re still undecided after debate II, you’re not paying attention

By |2012-10-17T17:59:00-07:00October 17th, 2012|AZ Politics|


by Pamela Powers Hannley

The second 2012 presidential debate was a rousing throwback to old school American politics. Both candidates were "fired up and ready to go." Both delivered a few zingers and gotcha moments. Both explained their plans for America's future... well, sort of.

Republican challenger Mitt Romney-- obviously hoping for a repeat of the frist debate in which he appeared energized, arrogant, and on top of his game, if you ignore the lies and the moderator bullying-- started the second debate smiling and upbeat. About 30 minutes into it, Romney was scowling in the background as President Barack Obama actually answered policy questions. By the end of the debate, when the families came on stage, both Romney and wife Ann had those "holy shit what just happened?" looks on their faces.

So, why was the second debate so different from the first one? Obviously, after the first debate, Obama realized that Romney wasn't going to play by anyone's rules but his own (ie, stick to the truth, stick to the question topics, stick to his previously stated views, or stick to the agreed upon debate rules). In the first debate, Obama seemed confused and frustrated by Romney's reckless but masterful disregard for propriety, and Obama didn't call him out on it, which is why, I believe, many people said Obama was "off his game" that night. Where was our witty, intelligent guy? Why didn't he point his finger at Romney and say, in prep school style, "You, Sir, are a liar!" Or, in Chicago style, "What you talkin' bout, n....?" [Sarcasm alert.]

Last night, Obama-- and moderator CNN's Candy Crowley-- took the gloves off with the prep school bully turned vulture capitalist. Obama and Crowley both called out Romney when he didn't answer the questions or answered a completely different question than what was asked. In his element with the town hall format, the president was quick-witted and light on his feet, when he said that Romney's economic plan was a "sketchy deal"; when he said that Romney didn't have a five-point plan, he had a one-point plan; when he ripped Romney's infamous 47% comment (after Romney opened the door by saying he cared about 100% of Americans); or when he answered the first college student's questions about post-graduation employment with a specific list of policies (when Romney had just shined the student on with platitudes).

But I think the best performance of the evening was by Crowley. Let's face it. Jim Lehrer blew the first debate. He allowed Romney steamroll him... repeatedly. The debate was such a mess that it was difficult to figure out the format or what the questions were half the time because both candidates (but mostly Romney) were allowed to stray. Crowley-- who is being attacked today by the right for her active role in actually moderating the debate-- did her best to keep the debate moving and make the candidates stick to the format and the questions.

Personally, I don't see how anyone could be undecided after last night, but if you are, undecided, check out this story by the New York Times after the jump and get off your duff.

Election integrity event: ‘Will your vote count?’ (video)

By |2012-10-17T16:31:00-07:00October 17th, 2012|Courts & Law|

by Pamela Powers Hannley

Information on tonight's election integrity event from the organizers...

Tonight, Wednesday, October 17, Bear Canyon Library, 6:30pm- 7:45pm. East Side Republicans will host a Point/ Counter Point on Election Integrity "Will YOUR Vote Count" speakers will be [Pima County election fraud lawyer] Bill Risner & Benny White.

Come ask questions, listen to the experts and know what to look for if you are a poll worker."

Election FraudCulture of Corruption in Pima County, why Early Ballots shouldn't be counted before Election Day and what all this means to us votes and more. 

 Address to Bear Canyon Library: 8959 E Tanque Verde, 85749 Tucson, AZ.

The event will filmed and available on Facebook at the AUDIT_AZ  page

For more background, check out the audio clip of Risner after the jump.

President Clinton campaigns for Carmona in Arizona, as polls show race tightening (video)

By |2012-10-14T06:01:00-07:00October 14th, 2012|AZ Congressional Delegation, COVID-19 & Healthcare, Education, Immigration|


by Pamela Powers Hannley

Despite Arizona’s reputation as a stalwartly red state, with a capital R, Democrats are hoping to take back one of the state’s US Senate in November.

Although Democrats have held a percentage of the state’s Congressional seats for years, the Republican Party has controlled both Arizona US Senate seats since 1994, when embattled Senator Dennis Deconcini retired, and Arizona Congressman Jon Kyl won it.

Since early 2012, former Surgeon General Dr. Richard Carmona has been crisscrossing the state, campaigning tirelessly to move that Senate seat to the D column. Over the summer, Carmona climbed steadily in the polls against Kyl’s heir apparent and six-term, conservative Congressman Jeff Flake. A recently released poll shows Independent-turned-Democrat Carmona leading Flake by four percentage points—a statistical dead heat.

This close—and important—Senate race has attracted the attention of heavy hitters from both parties. While the Koch Brothers’ Freedom Works PAC has been pumping money into Flake’s campaign, this week Democrats sent their secret weapon—President Bill Clinton—to Arizona to help Carmona.

Wednesday night, Carmona and Clinton addressed an estimated 5500 Arizonans at an outdoor rally on the Arizona State University (ASU) campus.

More details and a videos after the jump.

Occupy Tucson: Weekend events you won’t find in AZ Daily Star

By |2012-10-13T11:45:57-07:00October 13th, 2012|Civil & Human Rights|


by Pamela Powers Hannley

It's October in Tucson. This means jam-packed weekends, full of exciting events.

This weekend is particularly busy, as is evidenced by the front page of today's Arizona Daily Star-- a veritable advertisement for what's happening downtown.

Events not on the front page of the Star-- Occupy Tucson's anniversary and Democracy Now's Amy Goodman-- are as interesting as what is there. 

Yes, this is the weekend for umpteenth annual Tucson Meet Yourself, but those of you who were around and aware of Occupy Wall Street last October know that Tucson Meet Yourself weekend is also the anniversary of Occupy Tucson

It's not surprising that the Arizona Daily Star chose to ignore Occupy Tucson's anniversary festivities; they stood solidly with other corporate media outlets in trying to ignore the Occupy Wall Street movement last year.

Goodman's talk-- which is also a KXCI fundraiser-- is today, October 13, at 1 p.m. at the Fox Theater. This Tucson stop is part of her book tour. The Silenced Majority: Stories Of Uprisings, Occupations, Resistance and Hope shows how the work of ordinary people (aka The Silenced Majority) is pulling back the veil of corporate media and changing the world. Antigone Books will have books for sale at the event 

Check out a list of Occupy Tucson's weekend festivities, after the jump. 

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