Rep. Pam Powers Hannley

Rep. PPH Podcast: As Day 100 Approaches, #AZLeg Shifts to Culture War Issues

As the Arizona Legislature approaches the 100-day target for the end of session, the Republican Legislators have shifted their focus to passage of their party’s most extreme bills. Rep. Pam Powers Hannley’s latest podcast talks about the Culture War raging in the Legislature. The most recent episode features the 15 week abortion ban, school voucher expansion, homeless encampments and inequitable ambulance services.

State of Maternal and Child Health in AZ Podcast

With Cash in the Coffers, Will Arizona Finally Invest in Healthy Children & Families? (video)

Arizona coffers are brimming with revenue from taxes and gaming. With so much cash on hand, it’s time for the Arizona Legislature to invest in the health and wellbeing of children and families – instead of more tax breaks for corporations and wealthy Arizonans. Expanding access to care will save the lives of new mothers and babies. We have the money. We need the political will.

Rep. PPH Podcast

Cybersecurity, Corporate Surveillance & Crypto. How Safe Are We? (video)

In the US, there is little or no Internet regulation to protect the privacy of the unassuming public or to ensure the accuracy of information disseminated through social media. Consumers are left to ferret out scams and misinformation on their own. The highly unregulated landscape of Internet-based commerce and finance is the ideal breeding ground for risky, get-rich-quick schemes. Enter cryptocurrency, nonfungible tokens (NFTs), and blockchain.