AZ Primary Election results – Southern Arizona Dem races


CD 1  Tom O’Halleran, incumbent   52,986

CD 2 (open seat)

Dr. Matt Heinz     20,704

Ann Kirkpatrick   28,046

Billy Kovacs   4118

Mary Matiella   6163

Barbara Sherry  1,766

Bruce Wheeler  5,900

Yahya Yuksel  1062

CD 3  Raul Grijalva, incumbent  16,018


LD  2   Senate  Andrea Dalessandro (incumbent)  14,179

LD 2 House (2 seats)  AZ SOS site has different figure than Pima County/Santa Cruz County for Gabaldon

Rosanna Gabaldon (incumbent, House)  10,924

Daniel Hernandez Jr. (incumbent, House)  10,505

LD  3 Senate  (open seat)

Sally Gonzales  8691

Betty Villegas   6994

LD 3 House  (2 open seats)  — too close to call

Olivia Cajero Bedford  7884

Andres Cano  8456

Alma Hernandez  8160

LD 9  Senate (open seat)

Jim Love  4265

Victoria Steele  19,474

LD 9 House (2 seats)

Dr. Randy Friese (incumbent)  16,780

Pam Powers Hannley (incumbent)  15,782

JP Martin  4286

LD 10  Senate  David Bradley (incumbent)  20,344

LD 10 House(2 seats)  — too close to call

Domingo DeGrazia  7461

Kirsten Engel (incumbent)  14,049

Nikki Lee  6994

Catherine Ripley  7074

LD 11 Senate  (open seat)

Ralph Atchue  15,166

LD 11 House   (2 seats, one open)

Hollace Lyon  10,031

Barry McCain  3636

Marcela Quiroz  10,030

LD 14 Senate   (open seat)

Jaime Alvarez  9552

Mendy Gomez  4280

LD 14 House (2 seats, one open)

Bob Karp  9057

Shelley Renne-Leon  10,120

Stay tuned for updates for the close legislative districts (the 2nd seat).  Usually a recount is only mandated when the vote is within 50 for those seats.  Voter turnout only 33.45%.

For other races results in Arizona, go to website of Secretary of  State :  

Most of these candidates face off with Republicans (and some Greens) in the General Election on Nov. 6, 2018.

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Carolyn Classen
Carolyn Sugiyama Classen, a life long Democrat, was born & raised in the State of Hawaii, was a Legislative Aide for U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye on Capitol Hill, and practiced law for a while. In Tucson she worked as a tribal staff attorney for the Pascua Yaqui Tribe and later was the Interim Executive Director of the now defunct Domestic Violence Commission. In 2008 she became a “My Tucson” guest columnist for the Tucson Citizen newspaper, then continued blogging for for over four and a half years. Her blogsite was entitled “Carolyn’s Community” about community events and some political news, until Gannett Publishing shut down the site on January 31, 2014. She started with Blog for Arizona on Feb. 11, 2014. Part time she has been sitting as a Hearing Officer in Pima County Consolidated Justice Courts Small Claims Division since April, 2005. She is married to University of Arizona Distinguished Professor Albrecht Classen, a native of Germany. They have one son, who lives in Seattle, WA with his wife and daughter. She is also the Editor of the Southern Arizona Japanese Cultural Coalition website, (since Jan. 2013).


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