Kelli Ward, et al, Should Expect Indictments Soon

Yvonne Wingett Sanchez’s reporting in WaPo makes it very clear that AZ Attorney General Kris Mayes has developed the investigation of the fake elector scheme and Ward’s efforts to corruptly influence the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election in Arizona to the point that Grand Jury indictments are now all but inevitable. The Arizona attorney general’s … Read more

Election Night 2023 was a Great Night for Democracy, Freedom, and Progress in Arizona and Across the Country

While the voting results in some races like which political party will control Virginia’s State House of Delegates may not be known until later this evening or tomorrow morning at the earliest, it is safe to report that the 2023 elections are a major victory for the supporters of Democracy, Freedom, and Progress in Arizona … Read more

New ADLCC Chairs Jennifer Pawlik and Priya Sundareshan Discuss Turning the Arizona Legislature Blue in 2024

2024 may be a good year for Democrats across the electoral board in Arizona.  That includes the solid possibility of taking, for the first time in decades, control of the State Legislature.  Why? Because they are on the side of the issues people most care about. Those include economic opportunity, fiscal responsibility, improved and well-funded … Read more

Independent Clint Smith wants to Protect Democracy from Andy Biggs

On his worst day, attorney Clint Smith would be a better representative for Arizona House Congressional District (CD) Five than current incumbent Andy Biggs. Running again as an Independent candidate in the Maricopa County East Valley District, Mr. Smith promises to serve three two-year terms as a Citizen Leader who would work to protect Democracy, … Read more