Election Night 2023 was a Great Night for Democracy, Freedom, and Progress in Arizona and Across the Country

While the voting results in some races like which political party will control Virginia’s State House of Delegates may not be known until later this evening or tomorrow morning at the earliest, it is safe to report that the 2023 elections are a major victory for the supporters of Democracy, Freedom, and Progress in Arizona … Read more

UPDATED: Cochise County Supervisors’ Chickens Come Home to Roost… Carrying Subpeonas.

The intrepid Jen Fifield at VoteBeat reports that legal trouble is brewing for the two Cochise County Supervisors and scoff-laws Peggy Judd and Tom Crosby who tried to hold up certification of the elections in 2022 to cater to lies and obstructionism of sore-losers #LyingLoserLake, Mark “Fink” Finchem, and #LyingAbe Hamadeh. Arizona Attorney General Kris … Read more

UPDATED: Scathing Competition for CD8 – Who Will ‘Slippin’ Debbie’ Lesko’s Successor Be…?

UPDATE 11/5/23: In perhaps the oddest twist in this crazy field of GOP candidates for this open seat, former Representative Trent Franks has announced his interest in returning to Congress. You may recall that Franks resigned amid scandal that he asked some of his staffers to bear his babies. Since the GOP seems no longer … Read more

Independent Clint Smith wants to Protect Democracy from Andy Biggs

On his worst day, attorney Clint Smith would be a better representative for Arizona House Congressional District (CD) Five than current incumbent Andy Biggs. Running again as an Independent candidate in the Maricopa County East Valley District, Mr. Smith promises to serve three two-year terms as a Citizen Leader who would work to protect Democracy, … Read more

What’s Pissing Off AZ BlueMeanie Now?

WASHINGTON — A band of conservative rebels on Friday revolted and blocked House Republicans’ short-term funding bill to keep the government open, delivering a political blow to Speaker Kevin McCarthy and likely cementing the chances of a painful government shutdown that is less than 48 hours away. Twenty-one rebels, led by Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., a conservative bomb-thrower and … Read more