More Bidenomics: Ten More Drugs Now Subject to Price Negotiations with Medicare

In another example of how Bidenomics is about helping people, expanding the middle class, and lifting up the impoverished, the Biden/Harris Administration announced today (August 29, 2023,) that ten drugs have been selected for price negotiation with Medicare. With new prices set to take effect in 2026, these drugs and what they treat are: For … Read more

As the Successor to Jennifer Pawlik in LD 13, Brandy Reese will Seek Common Ground and Put Facts over Fear and Conspiracies

With the pending retirement of three-term State House Legislative District (LD) 13 Representative Jennifer Pawlik from the Arizona Legislature, former 2022 LD 14 House candidate Brandy Reese, a forensic science chemist, peace officer, mother of two daughters, and public education activist, has declared her run to succeed the well-regarded legislator. Arizona LD 13 encompasses all … Read more

Judy Schwiebert

Judy Schwiebert Runs for AZ Senate in LD2

Since coming to the Arizona State House of Representatives in 2021, Legislative District (LD) Two Representative and Educator Judy Schwiebert has been a tireless advocate for public education, personal freedoms, lifting people up, and moving the state forward. A member of the Education Caucus, in her time in the legislature, she has continuously fought those … Read more

Hobbs Signs Order Protecting LGBTQ Access to Gender-Affirming Healthcare

In the latest move to safeguard the civil rights and health care access for members of the LGBTQ Community enrolled in the State Health Care Plan, Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs signed two Executive Orders this afternoon (June 27, 2023,) that are designed to protect access to gender-affirming health care and prevent attempts to force conversion … Read more

Governor Hobbs Signs Executive Order Protecting Reproductive Freedom

In an official press release from her office, Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs reported her signing an Executive Order for Protective Freedom and Health Care. This action, taken almost a year after the Supreme Court Decision overturning Roe v Wade, would, according to the order and press release summary: Yesterday, the Governor, along with Legislative District … Read more