The Four Issues for 2024: The Economy, Law and Order, Freedom, and A Vision for Tomorrow: All Issues Republicans Are Failing On

Happy New Year Blog for Arizona Readers. It is an even year so that means there will be major national, statewide, and local races across the country. The major headline of course will be the probable 2020 Presidential rematch between Joe ‘I Saved the Country’ Biden and Donald ‘I Killed Roe v Wade’ Trump. In … Read more

Biden Can Use Russia’s Own Frozen Assets to Aid Ukraine

Did you know that across the world, especially in Europe, there are over $300 Billion in frozen Russian assets as part of the sanctions imposed due to Putin’s war of aggression against the free people of Ukraine? There is increasing consensus that those assets can be legally seized under American and international law and given … Read more

Eureka: The Arizona Legislative Session Finally Ends with Passage of the Bill that Will Send Prop 400 to the Ballot

Better late than never. The 2022/23 Arizona Legislative Session has finally ended. Sine Die is here. Fortunately, it ended with, after much deal-making with Republicans who detested light rail in the Phoenix area, the bipartisan passage (with mostly Democratic votes) of the headline bill designed to refer Proposition 400, the measure that will fund various … Read more

Longdon and Adams: “The Democrats and ADLCC Are in it to Win It in 2024”

For the last two legislative sessions in the Arizona State Capitol, Republicans have enjoyed razor-thin majorities of 16 to 14 in the Senate and 31 to 29 in the State House.  With those narrow majorities, did they team up with Democrats to find solutions to move the state forward and lift people up?  On some … Read more

Judy Schwiebert

Judy Schwiebert Runs for AZ Senate in LD2

Since coming to the Arizona State House of Representatives in 2021, Legislative District (LD) Two Representative and Educator Judy Schwiebert has been a tireless advocate for public education, personal freedoms, lifting people up, and moving the state forward. A member of the Education Caucus, in her time in the legislature, she has continuously fought those … Read more