Ben Stein: “Tax the Rich”

by David Safier (TASL) Maybe his next Comedy Central Show should be called, “Tax Ben Stein’s Money (if he’s rich enough).” I may be the only liberal in the world who reads Ben Stein’s column in the Sunday New York Times Business section. But I do it because the man is a conservative with a … Read more

School Closures in Tucson Unified

by David Safier (TASL) It’s been weeks. The contentious public meetings continue, and the controversy over closing 4 schools in TUSD rages on. I have no idea how it will turn out, but I do have a question: What did everybody expect? We give school districts too little money, and TUSD finds itself with a … Read more

Do You Really Want to Lower the Dropout Rate?

by David Safier While I was googling my way through education topics, I pulled up a 2007 cover story from Time Magazine, Dropout Nation. The article bemoans the high dropout rate, which it puts at somewhere between 20% and 33%. Lowering the dropout rate is a wonderful idea. Everyone’s for it. We want an educated … Read more

Time To Move On

by David Safier Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik says, Keep guns off campuses. The Arizona Board of Regents passed a unanimous resolution saying, No guns on campus. The campus police chiefs are against it. The editorial boards of the newspapers are against it. And on top of that, it’s a bad idea. Can we vote … Read more

$125,000 a Year

by David Safier Want to make $125,000 a year as a teacher? Apply to work at a New York charter school opening its doors in 2009. Here’s how it will work. Teachers in Grades 5-8 will see 30 students per class, most of them from low income, Hispanic families, teach longer school days and school … Read more