Medicaid Documentation Requirement Disproportionately Harms Non-Hispanics

Link: Medicaid Documentation Requirement Disproportionately Harms Non-Hispanics, New State Data Show: Rule Mostly Hurts U.S. Citizen Children, Not Undocumented Immigrants, 7/10/07. In yet another example of how Republican policymaking turns out to be just dumb-fuckery in disguise, a new study shows that new requirements to prove citizenship in order to obtain Medicaid benefits are actually … Read more

A Progressive Immigration Policy

Progressives have been reactive in the face of the immigration debate for too long. One of my favorite blogger/journalists, Dave Neiwert of Orcinus, is planning to attempt to articulate a clear and powerful statement of a progressive position on immigration. I think that’s a fine idea and I plan to keep an ear to ground … Read more

Anchors Aweigh!

I don’t much care for the term ‘anchor baby’. I find it offensive and pejorative. It means a child born in the United States to a couple who are not U.S. citizens who receives U.S. citizenship as a birthright. Many in the immigration scaremonger faction consider ‘anchor babies’ to be a problem that we need … Read more

Democrats falling for STRIVE

It is disheartening that all the energy around immigration reform seems to have been sucked up by the deceptive STRIVE Act. Those who should be leading the fight for humane solutions to our immigration problems with Mexico, such as Senator John McCain, and Representatives Raul Grijalva and Gabby Giffords are lining up behind Rep. Jeff … Read more