Maricopa Sheriff Arpaio’s 500K Paranoiac Episode

Ran across a great local perspective on Joe Arpaio’s six month long $500,000 investigation of an alleged plot against his life by immigration activists on P.S. Burton’s blog: Secret Informant initiates $500,000 In Public Expenditures: Maricopa County Sheriff’ Joseph Arpaio spent an estimated $500,000 in tax payer dollars this past six months defending himself from … Read more

GOP planning to campaign again on immigrant issue

Link: GOP pressing immigrant issue. I didn’t realize that Republican strategists were actually pushing Congressional recommit votes on immigration-related language to paint Democrats as pro-immigrant. I have to say, I’m utterly delighted that they are hanging that anchor around their own necks. I think most Americans, and especially independents, recoil at policies and political stands … Read more

Andrew Thomas Propositions Arizona

The current Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas is a savvy politician. He knows what red meat smells like and he knows his constituents’ feeding schedule. And he has skillfully used ballot propositions to position himself with voters and to shape the debate on crime and immigration. He created and sponsored a proposition in 1996 that … Read more

Guest Commentary by Karl Reiner: The World’s Richest Man Is a Symptom of Mexico’s Shortcomings

A number of business publications recently carried reports regarding Carlos Slim. With a fortune estimated at $60 billion, the Mexican businessman has become the world’s richest man.  Slim replaced Bill Gates of the United States who held the top spot for a number of years.  According to the reports, Slim’s family business holdings in Mexico … Read more