From the Brady Campaign


by David Safier

From Dan Gross, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence:

"Like all Americans, our hearts are broken by this terrible tragedy. We send our thoughts and prayers to all those directly affected.  Across the country, we will be giving extra strong hugs to our kids when they come home safely from school. But in the name of those who didn't and in the name of the eight children and teens that die from guns every day in our nation, we cannot let it end there. We have to take terrible moments like this and use it as a catalyst to demand the sensible change in our nation that is too long overdue. We are better than this. 

"Please go to and sign the petition! We all just want to live in a safer nation.

"In response to President Obama’s statement today:

"We were moved by President Obama's raw emotion during his remarks today.   We are committed to working with him to channel it into the change that is too long overdue."