Naming names


by David Safier

Just so you know, the AZ Republic lists these 39 legislators as having signed a "No New Taxes" pledge:

In the Senate: Sylvia Allen, Bob Burns, Pamela Gorman, Ron Gould, Chuck Gray, Linda Gray, Jack Harper, John Huppenthal, Barbara Leff, Al Melvin, Russell Pearce, Steve Pierce, Jay Tibshraeny and Thayer Verschoor.

In the House: Kirk Adams, Frank Antenori, Cecil Ash, Ray Barnes, Nancy Barto, Andy Biggs, Tom Boone, Judy Burges, Sam Crump, Adam Driggs, David Gowan, Laurin Hendrix, John Kavanagh, Bill Konopnicki, Debbie Lesko, Steve Montenegro, Rick Murphy, Warde Nichols, Doug Quelland, Carl Seel, David Stevens, Andy Tobin, Jerry Weiers, Jim Weiers, Steve Yarbrough.

All Republicans, in case you had any doubts.

The State Taxpayer Protection Pledge, as it is called, comes from Americans for Tax Reform. On the website, it says, "ATR was founded in 1985 by Grover Norquist at the request of President Reagan." A man who wants to drown government in the bathtub is dictating how our government runs.

Any questions?


  1. Good luck on them. I hope they don’t mind campaigning on how much federal stimulus money they’re pissing away to California because they won’t fund enough for federal matching.

    Not squeezing every single nickel out of that government money we already have to pay for doesn’t make them look like deficit hawks, it just makes them look incompetent.

  2. “What is the holdup among modern-day liberals (MDL)that they don’t have a pledge”? Democrats took an oath of office and pledged to uphold the Constitutions of Arizona and the U.S. Republicans should honor the oath of office over their loyalty to a failed ideology and a corrupt Grover Norquist.

  3. Dictating? I beg to offer a different angle on this pledge. Mr. Norquist made his pledge, 39 Arizona legislators voluntarily chose to put their name on it.

    The odd thing in my book is that (as far as I am aware of) is that there isn’t any counter-pledge for Democrats. What is the holdup among modern-day liberals (MDL) that they don’t have a pledge that they agree to always consider and advocate for any government revenue source so long as it is used to help the weak? I would grant double points for gutsiness if it actually used the non-weasel word taxes (a rose by any other name remains a rose).

    Where is the liberal-wonk policy group that will support the Kirsten Sinemas and Steve Farleys of Arizona with some blueprints of what MDLs stand for?

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