by David Safier

It seems the Republican legislators have shot down Brewer's trial balloon about letting the voters decide if they want to tax themselves.

Here are some of their comments.

"Government is bloated. The bureaucracy is bloated." Senate President Pro Tempore Thayer Verschoor

 You don't get out of debt by more spending." Sen. Russell Pearce, chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee

[Because a sales tax increase will mean people will go out of state to make major purchases], "My merchants won't be able to make a living because a bad decision by the Legislature would have driven their business into other states." Sen. Ron Gould, Lake Havasu

[I would] "feel terrible if someone lost their home because I raised their taxes in an effort to make the government solvent." Sen. Chuck Gray, Senate majority leader

My personal favorite is Verschoor's comment about all the government and bureaucratic bloat,though I'm rather fond of hearing the compassion expressed by Gould and Gray, worrying about the people who would be driven out of their homes and businesses by a tax hike. What about the kids whose education is shorted or the people without health care? "Nothing to see here folks. Move along."