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Charlie King in concert on March 5


press release:

“The good work bringing medical aid to the desert can be rough going. We have a big exciting chance to help the Tucson Samaritans welcome the stranger.

Maria Garcia, la indita of La Indita Restaurant. is preparing a delicious free vegetarian Mexican supper for us.

Charlie King, the entertaining and enlightening musician is preparing a free concert.

And ITZABOUTIME productions is preparing a huge raffle to accompany the festivities so you can if you wish take home something besides good memories and good feelings from the event.

We’ll gather on March 5 at Temple Emanuel 225 N, Country Club. Meal will start a 6 PM Music at 7 PM. And the raffle drawings will be scattered through the evening.

Consider Samaritans, since 2002 has been an all-volunteer faith and conscience-based organization that relies completely on volunteers to carry out the mission of provision of water, food, and medical aid. If you think there’s no need, check out www.tucsonsamaritans.org

Consider La Indita has been serving delicious food for countless ITZABOUTIME benefit events since 1983.

Consider Charlie King has been bringing a musical spirit sparkle and sanity to his annual Tucson concerts since 1979. He’s sung to help us raise thousands upon thousands of dollars for Primavera, Clinica Amistad, CAADP, Mexican American Studies, Occupy Tucson, No More Deaths, Protection Network, Border Patrol Victims Network, singing on our picket lines, Peace Fairs, and schools, singing labor history. We’ve learned to agree with Pete Seeger that Charlie “one of the finest singers and songwriters of our time.” Besides being the “real deal.”

if you are wavering about joining us, please consult www.charlieking.org   If you can’t be there how about sending in a helpful donation?  If you can help spread the word, pass this on.

For any more information try me, Ted, at 520 623 1688.”