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2016 Arizona Primary results – Southern AZ (updated)

Arizona Primary 2016 was held today. Polls closed at 7 p.m.

I’m only reporting on some of the contested primary election races for the Arizona primary in Southern Arizona . More info on other races statewide at www.azsos.gov and locally at  www.pima.gov/elections.

Congressional District 2 House (Democrats)

Dr. Matt Heinz     31,369

Victoria Steele       28,013

Legislative District 2 House (Democrats, 2 seats)

Aaron Baumann      5420

Rosanna Gabaldon, incumbent    6955

Daniel Hernandez Jr.    6344

Legislative District 9 House (Democrats, 2 seats)

Dr. Randy Friese, incumbent   14,782

Pam Powers Hannley              11,426

Matt Kopec, incumbent           8841

Legislative District 10 House (Democrats, 2 seats)

Kirsten Engel    11,468

Courtney Frogge   10,735

Stefanie Mach, incumbent   12,459

Legislative District 14 House (Republicans, 2 seats)

Dennis Barger     5706

Drew John     12,458

Becky Nutt    13,565

Anthony Sizer  9134


Pima County offices:

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Watch Citizens Clean Election Commission’s LD 10 House debate online

CCEClogoThe Arizona Citizen’s Clean Election Commission hosted a debate between the 3 women candidates running for 2 House seats in AZ state legislature for LD 10. This debate was held on June 27, 2016 at the PCC District Office on Broadway Blvd.

Incumbent Rep. Stefanie Mach (2 terms) is running for re-election, and political newcomers  Prof. Kirsten Engel and Courtney Frogge are also running. Two of these candidates will face off with Republican Todd Clodfelter, who has run twice before for this seat, in the General Election.

Here’s the online video to watch:


Also I previously posted the CCEC online debates for contested Democratic House races in LD 2 and LD 9. Here they are again, in case you missed them:


Vote wisely on or before August 30. Early ballots go out on August 3, 2016.

So. Arizona primary races of note

The Arizona Primary will be on Tues. Aug. 30 this year, here’s some notable primaries to watch/follow and vote wisely in:

Pima County:

—Pima County Attorney (D primary)
Incumbent Barbara LaWall vs. challenger Joel Feinman; no R challenger;
Green candidate Cyndi Tuell in the General
—Pima County Assessor (D primary)
Incumbent Bill Staples vs. challenger Brian Johnson; no R candidate;
Independent candidate Suzanne Droubie in the General
—Pima County Sheriff (R primary)
Republican challengers Mark Napier vs. Terry Staten
to face off with incumbent Democrat Sheriff Chris Nanos in the General
—Pima County Supervisor District 1 (D primary and R primary)
Democrats Brian Bickel vs. Jeff Farrell (update – Farrell has been disqualified, no primary)
to face off with either incumbent Supervisor Ally Miller (R)
or her challenger John Winchester in the General
—Pima County Supervisor District 4  (R primary)
Open seat – Ray Carroll (R) retiring:
Republicans seeking seat are John Backer, Steve Christy, Marla Closen; no D candidate;
Green candidate Josh Riley in the General
—Pima County School Superintendent (D primary)
Open seat – Linda Arzoumanian (R) retiring:
Democrats Michael Gordy vs. Dustin Williams;
to face Republican Margaret Buckholder in the General
State House:
LD 2 (D)
Baumann, Aaron
Gabaldon, Rosanna (incumbent)
Hernandez Jr., Daniel
2 to face off with incumbent Rep. Chris Ackerley (R) in the General
LD 9 (D)
Friese, Randy (incumbent)
Hannley, Pam Powers
Kopec, Matt (incumbent)
2 to face off with R challenger Ana Henderson in General
LD 10 (D)
Engel, Kirsten
Frogge, Courtney
Mach, Stefanie (incumbent)
(open seat: Incumbent Bruce Wheeler retiring)
2 to face off with  R challenger Todd Clodfelter in General
Arizona Citizens Clean Election Commission hosting debates in June for LD 2, LD 9 and LD 10. See our Calendar for details.

“Ready to Go” with Tanque Verde Valley Democrats

Tanque Verde

General Election 2014 results – Southern Arizona (updated)

General election returns for Arizona posted at Sec. of State’s website: http://results.enr.clarityelections.com/AZ/53314/144530/Web01/en/summary.html.  Check that site for updates.  Latest news posted below for selected races in Southern Arizona.  I will now only continue to update for the close races: CD 2,  State House races in LD 9 & 10, TUSD race.

Congressional District 1

Ann Kirkpatrick (D), incumbent   79,588

Andy Tobin (R)  70,219

CD 2  too close to call

Ron Barber (D), incumbent 92,810

Martha McSally (R) 94,103

CD 3

Raul Grijalva (D) , incumbent  45,053

Gabriela Saucedo Mercer (R) 36,816

Legislative District 2 Senate (1 seat)

Andrea Dalessandro (D), incumbent 18947

Daniel Estella (R) 15606

LD 3 Senate

Olivia Cajero Bedford (D), incumbent 20,559

LD 9 Senate

Steve Farley (D), incumbent 36,430

LD 10 Senate

David Bradley (D), incumbent 26830

Mark Morrison (R) 25,111

LD 11 Senate

Jo Holt (D) 19,904

Steve Smith (R)  28,424

LD 14 Senate

Gail Griffin (R), incumbent 25,551


And for the AZ House seats (2 elected  in each legislative district):

LD 2 House 

John Chris Ackerley (R)  16,400

Demion Clinco (D), incumbent 14,420

Rosanna Gabaldon (D), incumbent 17,544

LD 3 House

Sally Ann Gonzales (D), incumbent 17,453

Macario Saldate (D), incumbent 15,429

LD 9 House – too close to call

Randy Friese (D) 27,766

Ethan Orr (R), incumbent  27,774

Victoria Steele (D), incumbent 28,025

LD 10 House – might be too close to call for 2nd seat

Todd Clodfelter (R) 25,398

Stefanie Mach (D), incumbent 25,897

Bruce Wheeler (D), incumbent 27,338

William Wildish (R) 21,468

LD 11 House

Mark Finchem (R) 27,319

Holly Lyon (D) 20,427

Vince Leach (R) 25,490

LD 14 House

James Burton (D) 10,878

David Gowan (R), incumbent 19,590

David Stevens (R), incumbent  19,519

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Watch Clean Elections debates online for races in LD 2, 9, 10, 11, and 14

There are a few contested races down here in Southern Arizona. Vote for one person for State Senate and two for House Representatives in each legislative district.

LD 2 Senate- (2 candidates Senator Andrea Dalessandro (D) vs. Daniel Estrella (R), and LD 2 House – 3 candidates, Chris Ackerley (R), Rep. Demion Clinco (D), Rep. Rosanna Gabaldon (D)

LD 9 House – 3 candidates Dr. Randy Friese (D), Rep. Ethan Orr(R),  Rep. Victoria Steele (D).  LD 9 Senator Steve Farley (D) is running unopposed.

LD 10 Senate – 2 candidates Senator David Bradley (D) vs. Mark Morrison (R); and LD 10 House  – 4 candidates Todd Clodfelter (R), Rep. Stefanie Mach (D), Rep. Bruce Wheeler (D), Bill Wildish (R)

LD 11 Senate – 2 candidates Jo Holt (D) vs. Steve Smith (R) and LD 11 House  – 3 candidates Mark Finchem (R), Vince Leach (R), Holly Lyon (D)

LD 14 House  – 3 candidates James Burton (D), Rep.David Gowan (R), Rep. David Stevens(R). LD 14 Senator Gail Griffin is running unopposed.

View the AZ Citizens Clean Elections Commission Debates online to help decide whom to vote for:

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