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Arizona Daily Star endorses Governor Doug Ducey, and former Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick for CD 2

In today’s Arizona Daily Star, the editorial board endorsed Republican Governor Doug Ducey (page A8) and online here:


Governor Doug Ducey

The Star also on page A8 endorsed former 3 term CD 1 Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick, a Democrat, for the open seat in CD 2:


Former Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick

Governor Ducey is facing a Democrat challenger ASU Professor Dr. David Garcia (who ran unsuccessfully for AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction in 2014), and Green Party candidate Angel Torres.

Ann Kirkpatrick is being challenged by Republican Hispanic Chamber of Commerce CEO Lea Marquez Peterson, a political newcomer.

Vote wisely on or before November 6, 2018.  Early voting began on October 10, when early ballots were mailed out for the General Election.

Voter registration totals in CD 2:

Democrats 136,268; Republicans 132,730; Other 121,090

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The NEW “Attack Microsites”: Negative Websites Hitting McSally, Kirkpatrick Keep Popping Up, But They’re Cleaner Than Past Efforts

Republicans called them “attack microsites” during the last midterms. The shoes (or, boots) are now on the other feet, and the new and improved models this month are generally staying further away from crossing the line. However, it is still a Googler-beware election world out there.

Four years ago, Arizona’s Politics was the first to report on three sites put up by the National NRCC changed the donate pages to make it apparent that the money would go to the NRCC instead of the spoofed Democrats.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) attacking Arizona Reps. Kyrsten Sinema, Ann Kirkpatrick and Ron Barber. The NRCC came up with official-sounding campaign committee website addresses, made the sites appear like official sites, advertised them on Google (etc), called the Democrats “frauds” and attempted to get unsuspecting persons to donate to the NRCC. After a wave of negative publicity, the

Now, the Democrats are steering clear from any “donate” pages altogether, in their “MarthaForSenate.com” website. The Arizona Democratic Party does mimic McSally’s font and style – sans the faux Air Force eagle logo – but states clearly on the landing page that its central purpose is “Martha on the issues:What McSally doesn’t want you to know”. There is no button or link to click to donate or interact, and there is no apparent advertising for the site on Google.

Arizona Democratic Party spokesman Drew Anderson tells Arizona’s Politics that “from slashing health care access and retirement security to selling Continue reading

Insight on Kirkpatrick, Sinema & the Blue Wave in 12 Minutes on the John C. Scott Show

John C. Scott

On his most recent John C. Scott talk radio show on KVOI AM 1030, John and I discussed:

  • The race for Congress in Tucson’s CD2 — Democratic candidate Kirkpatrick is favored to win. Hear what her campaign has achieved.
  • Discover the secret meeting held by Republican Lea “Bankrupt” Peterson. What is she known for? Ditching $3.2 million in loans.
  • In the US Senate race, there are just vacuous and false attack ads by McSally, who is in a dead heat with Democrat Kyrsten Sinema. McSally is shooting a lot of blanks.
  • Will the blue wave happen? Yes, if Democrats actually come out and vote. Democrats are focusing on liberal voters who did not turn out in 2014 to encourage them to vote.
  • Democrat David Garcia is the underdog in the race for Arizona Governor, but he is pushing voter turnout to win. Read our exclusive interview.
  • It is possible that the Arizona state Senate may flip in favor of Democrats, and that Democrats can pick up 3 to 7 seats in the Arizona House.
  • The nation’s eyes are on Arizona. Hear the refreshing comment a Republican told me when I was canvassing door-to-door for Kyrsten Sinema and Ann Kirkpatrick.

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CD2 Candidate Ann Kirkpatrick Opens New HQ, Launches Dozens of Canvassers

Ann Kirkpatrick, the Democratic candidate for Congress in Tucson’s CD2, opened her new headquarters at 4742 N Oracle Rd, Tucson, AZ 85705, and launched dozens of volunteers to knock on doors for her and US Senate candidate Kyrsten Sinema.

She said the key issues in the race are: protecting choice in women’s health care, immigration reform including citizenship for the DACA recipients, and halting the separation of children from their parents at the border.

She has also called for creating a public option for Americans to buy into Medicare, protecting Medicare and Social Security from Republican attempts to cut earned benefits, and giving Medicare the power to negotiate drug prices to reduce costs for our seniors.

I canvassed 49 houses myself for four hours in the 101° heat and found that these issues resonated with voters I talked to. I met:

  • An independent voter who is Latino and who is upset by the US immigration policy.
  • A Republican who said he was upset with Trump and will vote for Kirkpatrick and Sinema to put a check on the president.
  • An independent who wanted to know where to donate to the Sinema campaign.

All three of them wanted to volunteer for the Democrats. Continue reading

Podcast: What You Don’t Know About the Primary Elections

John C. Scott

In this 9/1/18  interview on the John C. Scott Show  broadcast on KVOI 1030 AM, Blog for Arizona writer Larry Bodine reveals his insights about the August 28 Arizona primary races.

Topics include:

  • Who turned out to vote in the primary election? Was it Millennials and Latinos?
  • Astonishingly, 100,000 people voted for a convicted racist crook.
  • Did the GOP or the Democrats turn out in bigger numbers in the primaries?
  • Lea Marquez Peterson had an extremely weak showing against a political nobody. Tucson is a bright spot for Democrats.
  • Why Ann Kirkpatrick’s attack ads were more effective than Matt Heinz’s. And now her support from Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is kicking in.
  • How close will the Kyrsten Sinema vs. Martha McSally race be for US Senate? Guess where McSally’s base of support is, compared with Sinema’s. Who is Sinema’s $1.1 million supporter?
  • The nation is watching the Governor’s race: There was a “no” vote by Republicans against Gov. Ducey, who facing David Garcia’s 6,000 volunteers who knocked on 40,000 doors and contacted 400,000 voters.
  • The Trump effect: what Steve Bannon said.
  • Democrats can take comfort in three of the worst public officials who lost their primaries.